How I Get Ready For An Event : Cocooning Essentials


I always have everything ready the night before. For example, if it were a fashion show I would have the dress, heels, and bag ready + my invitations . . .

But after all of that, your body will need a bit of preparation, so this is how I mostly prepare for an event.


  • Light some candles
  • Wash your face, put eye patches for puffy eyes and dark circles on (I would sometimes do this step in the morning before my makeup)
  • Put a face mask on
  • Take a warm bath with some “lush” bath bombs and relax (some people would prefer relaxing music, but I just put the same things I usually listen to)


  • Then put some comfortable pajamas on
  • If I am still not tired, I will watch a movie
  • Then try to go to sleep so you won’t be tired




  • When you wake up in the morning, go first eat your breakfast (with coffee)
  • Take a shower (with some music to put you in a happy mood)
  • Then start doing your makeup/have your makeup done
  • Put on your dress, put your heels on and you are good to go!


(don’t forget to put perfume on!)

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XXX, Tiffany Lea





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