TV Shows You Need On The Plane This Summer

When I am on the plane, in the car, or just waiting at the airport in between flight. I always like to take out my computer to watch my Tv show of the moment. I wouldn’t write about this, but as it is one of my travel essentials here we go:

  1. Grey’s Anatomy
  2. American Horror Story – favorite seasons: one, two and three 
  3. Vampire Diaries
  4. Teen Wolf
  5. The O.C
  6. Gossip Girl
  7. Downtown Abbey
  8. Pretty Little Liars
  9. Orange Is The New Black

TV Shows I am going to start soon:

  1. Supernatural 
  2. Lost
  3. The Originals

(I generally buy DVD’s and watch it with my DVD player on my computer, as iTunes in Switzerland doesn’t sell Tv shows as in the United States)

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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