Geneva Day Out Look

Makeup by Dior

Mini FENDI Backpack In Purple leather with flowers / AEO Hise-Rise Denim Shortie / CHANEL Boots / Guess V-Neck Shirt
Tiffany & Co Key Necklace / Cartier Love Bracelet / Cartier Amulette Ring

A casual denim short, with a black V-neck and a colorful Fendi bag, with some CHANEL high-heel boots. And as it is boiling outside in Geneva now, I decided to put the short that I bought in Miami! I like this look because it’s very casual but because of the high-heels boots and the Fendi bag and the jewelry, it is also very chic!

Arrived in Geneva less two weeks ago and already leaving in a few days! I am excited to be back in town, but I miss the adventures. I went trying out dresses for the Fendi Fashion Show in July, buy some makeup, I also went to buy some veggies for my few days left here! Then, my brother and I went to try out watches. We then went to “Izumi” a famous Geneva Japanese restaurant (which is a part of the Nobu restaurants), which has a great view of the lake as you can see in the pictures.

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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