Cartier Event : 7-13 June, In Los Angeles, CA


So my mom and I were invited to a Cartier event in Los Angeles, and we got to do great stuff!

DAY 1 – 8 June

We arrived at the end of the day the 7th June, we then went to Nobu to have some sushis and got back to the hotel to sleep.





The next day we went to do some helicopter! Which was unbelievable. We saw spectacular houses of some famous stars like Johnny Depp or Leonardo di Caprio; we also saw the Hollywood sign!  Going to Santa Monica Beach and Pier, through billionaire beach ! and The helicopter dropped us at the Malibu Creek State Park Camping, where we had a very nice picnic facing the ocean.


After that, we went to see The Broad (a contemporary art museum) which was fantastic! Where we also saw artworks of Jeff Koons that I like particularly! The architecture of the place was incredible. They don’t use any electricity to light up the place, as the ceiling is made of glass to let the light come in. After The Broad, we went to see another museum named Moca.


Later that day we went to Shiki a Japanese restaurant and got back to the hotel.

DAY 2 – 9 June

We waked up and got to the hairdresser in Beverly Hills. After that, we went to see the Cartier Exhibition of the new collection, which was at the Peninsula Beverly Hills. We then ate at the restaurant of the hotel. We then got back to our room where we had our hair & makeup done for the gala. The driver came to pick us up to bring us at the Cartier Gala also in Beverly Hills. The decoration was spectacular! Hundreds of candles lightened up the atmosphere! It was magic! We were approximately 160; there were also models with the new jewels. After a little while, we got to our table to have the dinner. We stayed to dance after that; it was fun!

DAY 3 – 10 June

For the last day, we went to do some shopping with our Cartier friend Ines and have some sushis. That night we went to the Nobu restaurant again which is located in West Hollywood.


The Cartier event lasted three days! I enjoyed it. For the other three days, we did a bit of visiting the city, shopping, and we had a tea time a the hotel. My mom and I stayed until the 13, the 13 a friend of mine came to LA because we were going to another event.

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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