The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire : 14 June, In OAKLAND, CA

On June 14th I went to see The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire, in Oakland, California. 

It’s a show created by my two favourites YouTubers: Dan Howell (aka “Danisnotonfire”, he is a British youtube with currently 6 million subscribers) and Phil Lester (aka “Amazingphil”, who is also a British youtube, and currently has 3.6 million, subscribers). “The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire” is the tour of their book “The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire,” they made a “ theatrical stage show with hilarious anecdotes, sketches, lots of audience interaction.” It was fun and probably (as I always say) one of the best days of my life. As I got the VIP tickets, I got to meet them before the show! We got to take a picture together and talk a bit which was cool. So we got to hang out a bit, we laughed at how we met in America, but we all live in Europe. I think the show was amazingly done because it was really original. And each show is slightly different, as there is some interesting audience participation. There were also some amazing surprises; you will never see coming. As a subscriber, I had an unbelievable experience, but I also think as a parent you can also have an excellent time!


Dan and Phil’s Book


XXX, Tiffany Lea

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