Dior Cruise Collection 2017 Fashion Show : 31 May, In Blenheim Palace, England


The Dior fashion show, what an amazing experience! The dresses, the setup, the models, everything was perfect. It felt like a dream come true! It was incredible, I met so many people and I can’t actually believe how extraordinary  being invited to the Dior Cruise Collection 2017 was.

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My mom and I woke up, got dressed and we had lunch with 3 Dior employees at Arts Club. Dior invited us there, it’s a private restaurant where you need to be a member to enter. We ate salads and fish, it was really good and the restaurant was amazing.



Then, we went to visit the new Dior boutique in new Bond street which was absolutely fabulous and gorgeous. The shop was gigantic, it has 4 floors and it’s very modern. The shop wasn’t open for the public yet, but Dior let us visit the shop earlier. We met the designer Peter Marino inside. After that we got out of the shop,where there were many Dior taxis.




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Then we rushed to Claridges as we were late to have Tea Time.

After the Tea Time at Claridges, we took the car to go to the hotel where we had our makeup and hair done for a Dior cocktail party at Scott’s. Our invitations for the Dior express also arrived.


We went out of the car to see Scott’s, a restaurant all decorated for the Dior party. We entered and someone took our jackets. A lot of people were there talking in this huge restaurant. We talked to everyone and then we had dinner. There were very cute Dior dolls made of paper for everyone. We had a great time at Scott’s. After the Diner we went to the pub next door, that was also organised by Dior.





We woke up to have our hair and makeup done in the morning. Then, we left the hotel at 11:30 to take the train, the Dior Express to Oxfordshire (the Dior Express is a train set up by Dior to bring everybody to the Blenheim Palace for the fashion show). A car brought us to the station where everyone was all dressed up. I loved being in the Dior express, it was unbelievable. We had lunch in the train, and “Dior Express” was written everywhere; on the plates, the glasses, and even on the napkins. We had a menu where we could decide what we wanted to eat and it was really funny. We had approximatively 2:30 of train. They even had their own “Dior Express” wi-fi.


When we arrived in Oxfordshire It started raining a lot so we had umbrellas to go to our Dior cars. Once we were in the car, we passed by a really pretty village with lots of forests and fields.


When we arrived at the Blenheim Palace we were welcomed by huge golden palaces gates, then we drove in, and saw a lot of beautiful lakes and pretty gardens. There were horses, ducks, and some sheep. We continued to some other gates where someone came up to us and our invitations. Then we drove another few hundred meters to finally arrive at the entry, where an orchestra welcomed us. Some people arrived with umbrellas to carry me to the entrance.




Then a man opened the door for us, it was gigantic and fascinating, so many people were there with amazing Dior dresses, a lot of photographers were there too. We stayed in the entrance for about an hour to wait for everyone to arrive.



Then they opened the doors to the show. We entered and on the right side the photographs and the press was there to take pictures. My mom and I went to our seats. The show started at approximatively 5pm.


The music started, we heard the models arriving, everybody was ready. The first model started walking down the runway, then everyone came up. They were all dressed up in the Dior Cruise 2017 which was very colourful. Bella Hadid was there, she was beautifully dressed, and her makeup was super edgy. When the show was over we had an English Tea Time, there were lots of colourful cakes and sandwiches. We also had tea, coffee and lemonade. We stayed there for about 30 minutes, and when we finished eating we lead to the exit.

It started raining again, then I saw a women with red hair, and a beautiful silky blue dress, which suited her very well. I came up to her, it was Emma Roberts ! We had time to talk a little bit, then we took a picture together. She was really nice.


After that, I got in my car and left to go back to the hotel.

Once at the hotel, I arrived with my beautiful pink dress and changed it into a black and blue metallic dress, that was more appropriate for the night out.

So we got in a car to go to the party at Loulou’s (Loulou’s is a private club, also the place where Mick Jagger did his birthday party). A lot of photographers were at the entry taking pictures of everyone. Then we went in, there were a lot of people. My friend from Dior introduced me to everyone, then we decided to go upstairs to have some sushis. We stopped by the bar to drink something. After we went to have some sushis and they were really good ! I also met an actress named Jenna Coleman, she was really sweet and had an amazing red dress. After a while all the models started arriving, they still had their hairstyles that they had at the show. We also saw a woman who reads the cards, we also got our Ora read which was really cool. We danced a lot, it was so much fun, but I was a bit tired because of the huge day we had. Before leaving we stayed at the bar and Emma Roberts was next to me and to another guy.








The last day we went to an exhibition of the Rolling Stones, which was really cool. Then we went to a small cafe near the exhibition. After that we went to the Ivy (a very trendy place to have lunch) and then we lead to the Heathrow Airport.


Lunch at Ivy’s


Our Schedule

30 May – FIRST DAY

Arts Club for lunch

Private visit of the new Dior shop in New Bond Street

Tea time at Claridges

hair and makeup done for the dinner

Dinner at Scott’s


Our makeup and hair done for the fashion show

Dior express to Oxfordshire

Car to go to Blenheim Palace

Fashion show

change at the hotel for the party at Loulou’s


3 am Leaving Loulou’s


Rolling Stones exhibition at Saatchi Gallery

Cafe at the exhibition

The Ivy for lunch

Leaving to the Heathrow Airport


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