Day Out In Miami & New Puppy


So yesterday I got a new puppy! She’s a Dachshund-Miniature, and her name is Chanel, she’s the cutest.

My friend and I are leaving tomorrow, to go to Switzerland because I am going to Paris and London this weekend! So I was out all day long, it was fun. And that’s what we did.





In the morning I walked Chanel by the beach. Then my friend, Chanel and I went to the Lincoln Road to have lunch. Then I went to have a Starbucks, and after that, we did some shopping for the puppy & us.



We stopped on multiples cute cafes to take some pictures. Then we stopped at the hotel to leave our stuff and get ready to have dinner at the Zuma a famous sushi restaurant.


See you in Europe,

XXX, Tiffany Lea




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