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So here's the thing. I travel a lot, and when I say a lot I mean i'm gone almost half of the year. I'm constantly searching for new adventures and new cities to explore. But traveling a lot, also means there is going to be a lot of plane. So here are my absolute "on plane" essentials. 



I always like to have my computer with me on an airplane. Because I can watch my movies/TV shows, or I can make some edits for my videos or work on some stuff. I also usually don’t sleep on airplanes, so my computer always keeps me busy. I only do sleep if I am exhausted or if I have a long day ahead.


I’m not the type of girl that constantly have a book with her, but I sometimes do. On the other hand, I always have a notebook with some pencils with me. I know.. I already have my computer so why would I bring a laptop? I like to make lists, lots, and lots of files; I tend to forget a lot of things, so I write down everything. I also like to draw if I’m bored or just write some things down, and I much prefer writing in a notebook than on a computer. I mean it’s different. But I always have at least one notebook with me.


My all time favorite headphone are the Bose Noise canceling headphones. I love them because, when I put them I can be into my movie/music without the hearing too much of the airplanes noises. It’s an essential if you travel a lot like me, always have them with me. I also take earphones with me. You can also use the Bose Noise canceling earphones but for long flights I prefer headphones.


I use my phone all the time. And when I say all the time I really mean all the time. I constantly take pictures, listen to music, text some friends or just snapchat what I’m doing. My phones continually need to be charged, when I’m at home, no problem, but at the airport. I can’t, I run (because I’m late as usual..), and I don’t have any time to plug my phone. So I would recommend a phone emergency battery, you can find them anywhere. And depending on how much battery you’ll need, you will find the right battery for you for sure.


As it is always freezing on an airplane, I highly recommend taking big warm socks for when you take your shoes off (for the long flight). I would also recommend an extra jacket as the blankets are fragile.


I always like to have gum with me, as I don’t take my toothbrush on airplanes, I still want to have a fresh breath so there you go. As for the sunglasses, they are just very classy. They are a  must have when you arrive at your destination.


I don’t wear makeup only occasionally, for example, if the flight is going to be early or if the day is going to be very long. When I don’t wear makeup, I like to have a moisturizing cream with me. And that’s all I put on my face if I decide not to wear any makeup. But when I do wear makeup on airplanes, I only wear some concealer, blush a bit of highlighter to make me look a bit less dead, and some powder. I don’t like to wear mascara on airplanes because I really don’t like the feeling of it. So if would take it in my small makeup bag and apply some just before the landing to look my best. You should also bring some concealer and some mattifying powder.


  • A lip balm (essential because of the dry air on planes)
  • A hand cream (i mean on plane or not you should always have a hand cream in your bag..)
  • Dry shampoo (trust me, you should have one just in case)
  • Mascara
  • Concealer
  • Mattifying powder
  • Perfume (just a few spray before the landing and you are ready to go)


Photographed by Horst P. Horst, Vogue, May 15, 1950

Tip: I usually don’t sleep during the flight. But I really would recommend sleeping as it helps with the jet lag, and you don’t want to look tired!

Have a great flight! And don’t forget you can’t take liquids over 100ml!

Bon voyage,

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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