When I am traveling, I like to wear comfortable outfits as you need to walk a lot, but I still always like to be classy.

Today I am flying to Miami with 10 hours long flight. I decided to wear a loose white t-shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans by Seven, and with my black leather jacket from Sandro. My boots are by Chanel; my bag is also by Chanel – Airlines collection (If you want to know what I take with me in my travel bag, you can read my previous post), and the sunglasses are from Chanel too.





When I get on the plane, I will take off my leather jacket, to put on my loose black Nike jacket (as it is way more comfortable and a lot warmer for the flight). I will also take my boots off, to be cozy and put some big socks on. On the other hand, if one day I would be exhausted or going to have a long day, I would probably opt for something a little more relax. For example a large sweatshirt with some trainers with a lovely backpack. You can be classy even with sweatpants on; you just need to associate it well with a beautiful bag and shoes. You just need to choose the right things and put them together.

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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