Paris was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only for the good food and the shopping, but also for the big event the “HAUTE COUTURE CHANEL Fashion Show” (also because I met Cara Delevingne).


We arrived at the hotel where someone delivered us some flowers and our entries for the fashion show. The entries were really elegant.

This same night we went to the Gala for the new Chanel jewellery collection.
It was beautiful and unusual. Lots of people, radiant pieces of jewellery, really elegant clothing. We stayed there about half an hour looking at the new collection. Then we went to an enormous room where there were two never ending tables. The walls were sparkling; everything was golden. It was incredible. We sat, and I met a beautiful girl named Mei. We were the youngest and had the same age, and we had a lot in common. Models started walking with magnificent earrings, necklaces, and rings.
At the table, we were served gastronomic dinner. After the jewellery show, Mei and I stayed at the table until 1 AM.
We then went to the hotel to wake up at 8 AM.

My mum and I

The show started at 10 AM, so we had to be quick. Lipstick, blush, heels and there you go, ready to go to the fashion show. We took the car and got driven to the Grand Palais.

Once we arrived there, we went out of the car and got circled by loads of paparazzi who were taking pictures of our bags, and our outfits. We then went in.
It was spectacular! A huge dollhouse made out of wood, lots of people with outstanding clothes. We then went to our seats, where we had cosmetic gifts from Chanel. I sat next to Mei, and my mum sat next to Mei’s mother. We were in the first row! I couldn’t believe it! Everybody was seated when the paparazzi’s started walking next to us. Mei was telling me that somebody famous was going to come. We waited and then men opened the door to a lot of French actresses. They all came and posed for the photographers. The men closed the door, and then, a few minutes later, Cara Delevingne walked in with her dog. She started to pose and then walked to her seat. The dog began to be agitated, so her bodyguard took it away just for the show.
The show started. A male model arrived and walked around the doll house and then pointed at the entrance of the doll house. The main door of the doll house opened.



And a model with a beautiful white dress started walking, then all the models walked out of the house with magnificent haute couture dresses, it was unimaginable. It was like a dream.
All of a sudden, you could feel some excitement coming from the public as Kendall Jenner did her apparition.  Then a few minutes later it was Gigi Hadid and then Bella Hadid.

Kendall Jenner


At the end of the Fashion Show, Karl Lagerfeld came out of the main door and received a lot of cheering from the audience.
All of a sudden, the walls of the house opened, and we could see all the models standing and posing for photos. It was beautiful; they looked like dolls.


The show lasted for about 20 minutes. Then everybody stood up. I first went to my mom, and then I saw Cara and went up to her. I told her if we could take a picture together. She was really nice, and we talked about her dog named Leo.



We then walked to the exit where loads of paparazzi started photographing our clothes and journalists interviewing us.
We went back to our car and went to the Chanel Jewelry store where we had cocktails. It was kind of like an after-party but for the Chanel fashion show. This was when my mom decided to buy a ring.

I think that the Chanel fashion show is one of the best show anyone could see. Because Coco Chanel (Gabriella) revolutionised fashion. Chanel was the first woman to make women clothes out of the material of men’s suits.

And because it was an Haute Couture we could see all the hard work that was achieved on every dress. It was an amazing experience!

love, Tiffany Lea

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