My trip to the Maldives + Lookbook (+ my top swimsuit picks for the summer)

Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing amazing. It’s been a while! I’m sorry for my absence. I felt that I needed to take a break (and focus more on other things for a little while, along with staying present on my favorite platforms: Instagram and Pinterest). I created ZimmyLifestyle, five years ago (crazy to think that is 1/4 of my life), and in those years, I truly put my everything into making this website the best it could be, and honestly, I had the best time doing so! This is why I didn’t want to force myself to write posts I wasn’t genuine about or ‘just for the sake of posting.’ I never took more than a couple of weeks to reflect and truly take a break since I started this adventure. Now that I’ve recharged, I am SO happy to be back on this platform and genuinely hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I love making them. Hopefully, they can also help you in one way or another. Thank you for supporting me throughout the years. It means everything!

Now onto the post and the incredible Maldives! At the end of last year, when lockdowns restrictions were being lifted, I wanted to go on a trip with my boyfriend, Erik. We had a couple of days free and quickly started looking if any countries were open to visitors. We didn’t want to travel too far away, and we’re looking for something relatively close and practical. After a five-minute search, I quickly realized there weren’t as many options as I thought there would’ve been, and it was either a country far away from those countries or nothing. I did not want to spend too much money on the trip either. One of our options was Tanzania, and the other one was the Maldives. We thought about it for a couple of days and thought it would be a great time to go to the Maldives (as everything is still open there, and it’s very excluded- a.k.a ideal for life during a pandemic)!


We ended up staying at the St Regis Vommuli for ten beautiful days, and we honestly had the most wonderful time there! From the delicious food to the water sports activities, the jungle cinema, and so many more incredible events. It was the most memorable vacation with someone I treasure dearly. We are both beyond grateful we got to go! 

A couple of weeks after we arrived back in Switzerland (as we couldn’t go back home to London, due to new restrictions). My dad told me he was planning a trip to the Maldives, and he wanted Erik and me to be there! Erik and I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky we got. We were so thankful to be able to go again. I literally cried, haha. We couldn’t believe we would go a second time and only after a couple of weeks! We were so unbelievably happy! We departed shortly after spring break and headed to the Waldorf Astoria, where we spent ten sun-soaked days! Erik and I went earlier, and so there were only us two for the first five nights. My dad then joined us halfway through the trip (and we moved into a two-bedroom villa together)! We all had such a wonderful time diving, doing water sports, playing games, and eating at the island’s 11 delicious restaurants! 




Outfit details: WeWoreWhat swimsuit. St. Regis Vommuli

Outfit details: WeWoreWhat swimsuit, Dior velvet shorts, Versace vintage clear bag and Chanel dad sandals. St. Regis Vommuli

Outfit details: Haight swimwear at St. Regis Vommuli

Outfit details: Monday Swimwear, Saint Laurent sunglasses

Outfit details: Florabella hat, Jacquemus top, Hollister shorts, Cult Gaia bag, Saint Laurent sandals.

Jungle Cinema at St Regis Vommuli

Outfit details: Monday Swimwear, Ralph Lauren shirt

Outfit details: Florabella hat, Tropic of C swimwear

Waldorf Astoria

Outfit details: LC Space Swimsuit, Jacquemus net bag. ‘Tohum’ shell necklace, By Nouck pendants.

Outfit details: Chanel vintage swimsuit

Waldorf Astoria Maldives
Outfit details: Monday swimwear top, Emi Jay scrunchie, Hollister shorts, Saint Laurent sunnies, medium Dior book tote bag ‘toile de jouy’.

Outfit details: Cult Gaia dress and bag, Gianvito Rossi lace up sandals.

Outfit details: Monday Swimwear, Chanel vintage earrings, hair clip from ‘Petit moments’.

Outfit details: Johanna Ortiz bikini.

Outfit details: Norma Kamali swimwear, ray-ban sunnies, Hollister shorts, pretty little thing shirt. ‘Tohum’ shell choker, By Nouch golden pendants

Outfit details: Nanushka front knot top, Hollister shorts, Saint Laurent sandals, Chanel clear bag. At St. Regis Vommuli.

Outfit details: Missoni headband, Officine Generale shirt, Jacquemus bag, Monday Swimwear bikini, Chanel dad sandals sandals.

Next let’s talk about: my swimsuits picks for the summer. Summer is just around the corner so it’s time to start building a good swim collection! 

I tried to include a bit of everything (price and style-wise, as per usual). I discovered so many swimwear brands this year that I just had to share with you! 



  1. Loleia Swim – Meet me in St Lucia Shoulder top for $65 and ‘scrunchie’ bottoms for the same price (yellow)

I had to add one last Loleia Swim set! Out of their beautiful different designs, this one really stood out to me. I love the Summer colors and the bright florals!

  1. Hunza + Net Sustain – Audrey Nile ribbed bandeau swimsuit – set for €140

I’ve always loved Hunza as they’re a one-size bikini brand, and I love that concept. Their signature material is very stretchy yet has good support for any size! Their designs are always colorful, and they truly have a swimsuit for everyone’s taste. This one is one of my personal favorites, I’m obsessed with this shade of green! I see so many people copying this brand and trying to recreate their material, but this one is definitely the original and the most comfortable.


  1. Mara Hoffman + Net Sustain – Idalia printed recycled swimsuit – €222.97

This swimsuit is so unique yet simple at the same time. I’ve always loved one-piece for comfort. They’re truly the best go-to! I got this beautiful swimsuit last October, and the quality is amazing. It’s also true to size. I think it always has one swimsuit in your collection that has a crazy print. The 80s high cut thigh is also super flattering and makes your legs look extra long. 

  1. Loleia Swim – La Havana Halter tie top and string bottom – each for $65 (rainbow)

This is another set from a brand I’ve recently discovered. They have the most unique, trendy floral designs, and trust me, you will want to go to their website and multiply your bikini collection as soon as you do, haha. This set also comes with an adorable matching bandana which I definitely recommend getting. I love swimsuit accessories like that. 

  1. Miesis Swimwear – Evie Top in Pink sparkle for £41 and bottom for the same price 

I’m all for adding a little sparkle in outfits, and swimsuits aren’t any exception, haha. I got this set for myself, I find it too gorgeous! I am also obsessed with the shape of the bikini top with the hoop in the middle. It’s so pretty. 

  1. Monday Swimwear – Maui Top in Periwrinkle Crinkle for $96 and Argentina bottom for $82

This is the perfect go-to bikini for any beach/pool day, it’s the perfect blue that never goes out of style. I love this brand as they’re always true to size, comfy and don’t lose their quality over time. Also, the shape of the top makes your breasts look incredible! This is a bikini everyone needs. 

  1. Heavy Manners – ‘Hitchin A Ride’ Triangle front tie top and ‘Hitchin A Ride’ full bottoms – each for $100

Heavy Manners is another swimwear brand I have discovered more recently. I love the practicality in their designs; having the knot at the front instead of the back is not only super original (and cute), it’s also so much comfier! I love this simple white and yellow print, it’s so pretty!

  1. Monday Swimwear – Barbados Top in Floral for $84 and Palma Bottom for $77

I had to add another Another Monday Swimwear design as I absolutely fell in love with is this super cute floral print! I had to add another set from my favorite brand as they truly don’t compare to others! 

  1. Fendi – Stretch jacquard-knit underwired swimsuit – €447.15

I always have loved a ‘simpler’ swimsuit like this one, that you can wear anywhere, any year. It’s a truly timeless piece, and I think Fendi nailed it with this piece! I also love that the logo print on this specific one-piece is more discrete and less in your face. The shape around the bust area is also especially flattering. 

  1. Monday Swimwear- Barbados Top on Clay Crinkle for $77 and Barbados bottom $77

I wanted to add one last Monday Swimwear set as I couldn’t not add it! This one is a little simpler but perfect for any occasion, and this cut is so comfy, it’s truly become my go-to. Everyone needs one bikini like this in their collection! 

  1. Frankies Bikini – Tia Terry Triangle bikini top – £79 and bottom £79

I love this set! I almost got it for myself as I adore the 70’s vibes it gives off, and Terry cloth is one of the softest materials on the market! I’d definitely give this one a try if you like the vintage look. You can also buy each item individually, which is so much more practical for sizing! 

  1. For Love and Lemons – Vienna Floral Triangle Top for £71 and Thong Bottom for £69.00

I completely fell in love with this darker floral print, For Love and Lemons always create such beautiful designs! Their quality is also incomparable! For sizing, they are true to size. But you might have to size up if you have bigger breasts. I also love how simple and multi-use this bikini is. 

  1. Miesis Swimwear – Elle Top in Sherbet for £47 and Elle bottom for £47

I love this colorful ‘sherbet’ set from Miesis! I almost got it for myself cause I just love the retro look it has. It’s one of my favorites from the list for sure. Definitely perfect if you want something a little different than everyone else at the beach. 

  1. Frankies Bikini – Maggie underwired bikini top – £110 and ‘Ziggy’ skimpy bikini bottom for £79

Florals are making a huge comeback, and I’m all for it! This bikini set is the one that personally stood out the most for me. If you’re planning on getting it, I recommend getting the matching scarf too. So pretty! As you can tell, I love Frankie’s bikinis. I just think their bathing suits and such good quality and have the best and most in trend prints and shapes! 

  1. Osérée – Lumière 90s strech-lurex bikini- £185

If you’re looking for a little bit of color and extravaganza, I think this might be the one for you! Osérée always comes up with new, fun, colorful (and glittery) designs, and I’m all here for it! This one is one of my favorites from her latest collection, and I truly can’t get enough of it—the 90’s high-waist cut, with the glitter. I’m in love! This purple color is also so pretty when you’re tan. I’m obsessed. 



Well, that’s all for today. Thank you for tuning in! I hope you enjoyed our vacation photos and found some inspiration for your new beachwear this summer!



Have you ever been to the Maldives? If not, what’s your dream travel destination? Let me know down in the comments! Are there also any other swimwear brands you would recommend?


Lot’s of LOVE, as always, 

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