Disneyland Paris lookbook + outfit tips on what to wear at theme parks during the warm seasons

Hey guys! How is it going? I recently went on a trip to Disneyland right after my trip to Santorini, with my friend Jessica. I thought I might as well share all the looks as well as some tips for theme park outfits! I want to share tips as it does get really warm at theme parks and it’s annoying to carry extra clothing around the park while also being comfortable. On the other hand, you don’t want to be cold for indoor activities. Anyways, we stayed 3 days in total and as always Disneyland was truly a memorable experience and made an amazing weekend! But now let’s get onto the clothes + tips and the trip, shall we?

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We left Geneva’s train station at 8:30AM to the ‘Gare de Lyon’ in Paris and took an Uber from there to the park! We decided to stay in the main park for the first day since we arrived early afternoon after checking in at the hotel etc. I wore a one-shoulder Joah Brown top with blue denim Urban Outfitters shorts and a Brandy Melville belt with my Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea slip-ons! I bought purple glitter Mickey ears to add a little touch to the outfit and I also had my Saint Laurent small backpack with me (to ensure I’m hands-free all day) with white sunnies from the same brand! As soon as we arrived we saw Winnie at the entrance of the park and obviously had to stop to take a picture! Then we walked around and went by the castle (my castle is my favorite in Paris out of all the Disneyland Parks)! It’s so cool and its structure is so pretty! After that, we stopped to enjoy the parade which was so amazing and colorful! Then we decided to go for the rides, we did the Buzz Lightyear Astro blasters ride (which will always be one of my ultimate favorites and is the perfect family-friendly attraction). We then went on to do the upgraded version of what was Space Mountain and now is HyperSpace Mountain (a Star Wars-inspired ride). Then we went to dinner inside our hotel (the Disneyland Paris Hotel) located in between the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios! We ate at ‘l ’Invention’ which is a buffet restaurant and it’s super fun because characters come and greet you as you eat. Right after dinner I quickly went to my room to change into my Stitch onesie that I had bought that day. We then went to watch the projection show at the castle. I wore my onesie because it’s funny and it tends to get cold at night (especially if I stayed in shorts)! We had the best time and the show was mind-blowing as always!

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On our second da,y we went straight to have breakfast with the characters (which was included in the room deal that we had)! I wore a red cropped tank top from Brandy Melville with a matching red scrunchie that I used for a high ponytail! For the bottom part of my outfit, I stayed like the previous day in my BDG denim shorts from Urban Outfitters and my Brandy Melville western belt. For the bag, I stayed with the recent purchase that I absolutely adore, the black mini Saint Laurent backpack. Finally, I finished off the look with my high top black Converse that is from the ‘Millie Bobby Brown x Custom Converse’ range! After getting dressed we went back to Disneyland Park and did a ride before heading to the Lion King show, which was extraordinary! We headed to the Hakuna Matata restaurant where we meet Rafiki and it was quite frankly a dream come true hahaha. Then we went to Walt Disney Studios and did the Hollywood Tower as well as the Rock N Roller Coaster with Aerosmith (which are our two favorites)! We stayed a couple hours around the park and then headed back to our room for 30 minutes to relax a little bit. I wasn’t originally planning on getting changed but did last minute either way haha. I wore a beige Gucci jumpsuit (which I HIGHLY recommend for theme parks, jumpsuits I mean, as they’re so practical)! I wore it with the same black backpack and same black Millie Bobby Brown Converse (and took out the red scrunchie from my hair haha). We decided to go watch the show at the castle again as it’s simply too gorgeous haha. We got time to do the Haunted Mansion right before which also got renovated and was so cool! As well as Big Thunder Mountain which was also so fun! Then we saw the show and went to sleep directly after as we were both extremely tired and wanted some rest for our last (and departure) day!

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On our last day, again we went to have breakfast with the characters. For our third day, I decided to wear the same Millie x Converse custom shoes that are light pink with Orcas! I wear a lot of Converse shoes and I also noticed that the platform feels comfier than ‘regular’ pairs and I automatically knew this pair would be perfect for the trip! With it, I wore a grey Sabo Skirt top and black BDG (from Urban Outfitters) shorts! Finally, I topped off my look with the absolute theme park essential during the summer: sunglasses! I got my heart-shaped ones from Saint Laurent. I also added the rose gold Mickey ears for extra detail and my SL black backpack (perfect to stay hands-free, again). We stayed at the Disneyland Park for most of the day where we took pictures with some characters of Alice in Wonderland which was super cute! We also did the cups ride and the Big Thunder Mountain one, one last time, because it’s just too good haha. Then we headed to Walt Disney Studios where I went to The Hollywood Tower Hotel, the Ratatouille ride and the Rock n Roll with Aerosmith ride one very last time (since that ride was going to close down in 7 days). We also luckily got time to see one last show (Mickey and the Magician) and quickly went to eat! Then we checked out and took a taxi to the train station and headed back to Geneva!

Jess and I truthfully had the best time and I personally loved all the parades and shows, and I love them all year round. Although, I will always also be a fan of a scary rollercoaster! Finally, I would like to say that I tried to sneak as many tips in to my post as possible but I overall recommend wearing comfy shoes, any backpack, sunglasses, ‘light’ clothing and overall look for comfort while choosing an outfit. 


That’s it for today’s post! What’s your favorite theme park? For me personally, it will always be Disneyland. I hope this post inspired you to go to Disneyland, and if so what to wear! I absolutely love going to theme parks no matter how old I get ahahah!

See you next time!

Lot’s of LOVE, as always,


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