Hey guys! So, today I am going to talk about the new film that just entered cinemas, which is ‘Rocketman’. If you read my last post you would know that I actually got the amazing pleasure to attend the UK premiere of the movie. It was such an amazing experience and I had so much fun (click HERE to read all about my time at the premiere). The ‘Rocketman’ movie is a biopic/musical telling the story of Elton John’s life. It’s interesting how they mixed a musical with a biographical film and it really had me tuned in all the way long!  Anyways, let’s get into the review, shall we?

P.S. I tried to make this review as spoiler-free as possible!


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First, I just want to mention some facts on the creation of the movie because I think they’re pretty interesting. ‘Rocketman’ was actually made with the same director as ‘Eddie the eagle’ which was a very good movie and that is a pretty cool fact (at least I think so haha and it’s also starring Taron!). Another cool fact about the movie is that the director who directed it, Dexter Fletcher was also supposed to direct ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Dexter ended up directing almost half of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ until he was fired because apparently, he didn’t have a good background on the subject or something like that. They then hired Bryan Singer who is known as the director for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ even though Dexter Fletcher pretty much-directed half of it haha. Something else that is interesting about the movie is that it was produced by David Furnish, who is actually Elton’s husband in real life, which I think is so cool. The film was written by Lee Hall and the executive producer was none other than Sir Elton John himself. I think it was so cool that Elton played a huge part in the making of this movie and it made it almost feel more real.

Now, to get into reviewing the actual movie. I think firstly I just want to say that there was a lot of his life that was missing in the movie. I completely understand that it is really hard to compress someone’s life into one movie (especially when the person is still alive), but I felt at some points that it wasn’t really a biography because there was so much missing. The film kind of went from him being young, to being almost a teenager and then to an adult but it never showed him getting old and other parts of his life. This is not a criticism but I am just saying that I would love to have a sequel to hear more about his life! For example, I would have loved to see him meet and fall in love with his husband and also experience his friendship with Freddie Mercury and him dealing with aids. I would have also liked seeing him start his incredible aids charity and dealing with aids himself! Another thing that I would have loved to have seen would be him performing at Princess Diana’s funeral and how he felt in doing that… So, as you can tell I really want a sequel hahaha.


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I overall really liked the movie because it was very interesting to get to know so much about his life and how he was a child prodigy. It was very moving to experience all the suffering, addictions and loneliness he went through from the cinema chair. I find it incredible to see movies like this because I think everyone is so easy to judge other people’s lives. Without this movie, most people would probably think that Elton had a great life because he succeeded in this industry. I think it is so important for everyone, including me, to remember that everyone is going through their own battles even if it doesn’t look like it from the outside. I think this movie portrayed this idea perfectly. Another thing that I think that was very good about this movie is that it touched on the negative sides of the music industry, much like ‘A Star is Born’ did. I think it is very important to talk about these subjects such as loneliness and addiction as it is kind of a taboo in society and it happens to so many people so we really should talk about it more!

Now onto the actors, I think Taron was absolutely incredible. It was amazing to see his performance in ‘Kingsman’ and now in ‘Rocketman’ which are such different roles. He portrayed Elton so well. I do have to say that in some scenes I felt like I was watching Taron more than Elton but he still did so, so, so well and I was truly mesmerized. I don’t want to compare the two but I have to say that I feel as if Rami Malek portrayed Freddie Mercury a little bit better than Taron portrayed Elton. But, I give Taron so much credit as he actually sang every single song whereas Rami didn’t sing any. At the end of the day, they are both incredible actors. I also have to give huge amounts of credit to all the other actors and dancers of the film; every actor was truly amazing. I especially loved as well the two boys who played the two younger versions of Elton, they were so talented and cute! Jamie Bell was also very well casted for the role of Bernie and I thought that he really shined in the movie and added something extra special to the film as a whole. Richard Madden also was incredible and he definitely looked the part! But, Taron still was my favorite actor and he definitely stole the show.


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The soundtrack of the movie was incredible and I just have to mention it. It really was its own thing in the movie. The film is good but the music deserves so many credits as well. I’m absolutely obsessed with most of the tracks mainly: ‘Rocket Man’, ‘Tiny Dancer’, ‘Honky Cat’ and last but definitely not least ‘Bennie and the Jets’ (as well as 3 others songs, so basically I loved the whole soundtrack haha). Speaking of music, I would just like to add that I liked that the film was a musical but it wasn’t too much like a musical to the point that it wouldn’t be that realistic. For example, people didn’t just randomly break out into dance in the middle of the street, if that makes sense haha. I think my favorite musical-ish scene was when Elton was younger and him, his dad, his mom, and his grandma were all singing.

Once again, I felt as if the film still missed a lot of Elton’s life. But, it was very nice that it ended on a happy note and it left you feeling emotional but happy. The movie was still as a whole absolutely incredible and is definitely worth seeing for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet. The movie also had great costumes which were inspired by real pictures of Elton wearing specific clothing items and the film was very visually pleasing and colorful. I would overall give this film an 8/10 but I recommend it 100% because Elton’s life is a very moving and inspiring story.


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That’s it for today’s post. If you have watched the movie, what did you think of it? What would you rate it out of 10? Would you also like to see a sequel? You can also click HERE to check out my post from the Pre-Oscars at the Elton John Aids Foundation that I attended with my mom earlier this year! 

Lot’s of LOVE, as always,


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