Hey guys! How’s it going? Yesterday I got the insane and unbelievable opportunity to go to the “Rocketman” premiere, in the UK (aka my second home). I attended the event with none other than my amazing mother and to put it short we truly had a blast! For those of you who aren’t aware, “Rocketman” is the biopic made about Elton John’s life that is directed by Dexter Fletcher. I have always loved Elton’s songs and was incredibly eager to go see the movie as soon as I heard it was being made (so you can only guess my reaction when I was invited)!
The premiere took place on Monday the 20th at the Cineworld cinema at Leicester Square in the center of London! Since the premiere started around at 6:30 I got my hair and makeup done in my flat early in the afternoon and went for a high wavy ponytail. As for the makeup I opted for a light smokey-eye and natural rosy lips. For the outfit I wore an Attico strapless blue sparkly dress with my fav Dior black thigh-high boots, finally, I added a small detailed clutch from Dior and a Saint Laurent biker leather jacket. I was originally going to wear this exact look to an event the day after the premiere but since I will attend another one like that instead later this year (little hint: it was just shown in Cannes and it’s very big) I opted for wearing this look for this event instead. I also never went to a Premiere in the UK so I wasn’t sure what to expect (compared to the ones in the US) and so I decided to go ultimately with a ‘lighter’ look (which is a little less dramatic and more day-like then some of the looks I have worn to premieres).  My mom went for a Golden Chanel bodysuit and bag from the same brand and a black pair of the prettiest, comfiest Jimmy Choo’s!

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Dress from Attico, jacket from Saint Laurent, high-thigh boots from Dior.


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As soon as I was ready my mom joined me at the apartment and we shortly made our way to Leicester Square. As soon as we got there I realized that it was held at the same place as the ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ premiere that premiered when I was moving to London in 2017 (which was the first premiere I saw, which is funnily enough also with Taron Egerton and Elton John)! But either way, we met up with our friend, got our tickets and we slowly made our way onto the blue carpet! There was a huge star filled with neon lights as decoration so my mom and I got a couple pictures on the carpet and then moved on. We slowly saw all the interviewers, as well as Rocket Man himself, Taron Egerton (that I actually got to personally meet at the Elton John Aids Foundation Pre-Oscar Party a couple months ago)! We continued walking the blue carpet and quickly got to the end of it, there was a huge glittery stage with presenters and a full-on glitter Jeep with “Rocketman” as the number plate haha. That was such a cool detail and you could truly see how passionate they were to make the premiere amazing, even for small details! As the movie was about to start we quickly got inside the theater. It was filled with screens and “Rocketman” posters absolutely everywhere. We then walked up to a few flights of stairs and got inside for the main screening room, where the viewing was held. My mom and I were in row L which was perfectly in the middle of the room! We each got a bag on our seat with water, popcorn and a little bit of every cinema food you could think of! As we were seated there was a screen showing the carpet (like almost every premiere). We could see Elton and his husband (David Furnish), the director, Richard Madden and a couple other actors from the cast. We could even spot my mom and me on the carpet at one point (as it’s sometimes pre-recorded haha). Shortly after, Fletcher welcomed all the main actors of the film: Bryce Dallas Howard, Richard Madden and Taron Egerton to the stage!

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Moments later the film started and here are my brief thoughts on it before I post my review tomorrow.  It was both fascinating and heartbreaking to know more about Elton John’s life. How much our childhood impacts our future and how we develop as persons. The film also does a good job of showing how much he had suffered, his insane talents and sparkly personality! The movie heavily mentioned loneliness and sadness as well as addiction and family issues, all brilliantly put to screen in my opinion. Of course, the soundtrack was absolutely incredible and it was even more amazing knowing that Taron sang everything!
Shortly after the movie finished we headed to the exit where we met up with our friend again and discussed the movie. On our way out of the theater, I met Matthew Illsley (he played young Elton), which was super cool and I got to compliment him on the amazing job that he did! It was such a fun experience and I’m so beyond glad I got to go with my mom! I can’t wait to wrap all my thought into one big review but in the meantime if you’ve seen it, what did you think? Make sure to let me know down in the comments below.
You can click HERE to check out my full article about my experience at the Elton John Aids Foundation Pre-Oscar Viewing & After-Party (where I saw Elton John and Taron Egerton perform live and met Taron)!

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