Hey guys! How’s it going? For today’s post, I wanted to share my experience going to the Coachella Music Festival in California (for my third time in a row!), as well as what I wore to the three-day madness! I know Coachella was a while ago now, but I did so many things after Coachella weekend, so I never got the chance to write this post. I attended weekend two with my brother and his girlfriend. I was initially supposed to go with my best friend to weekend one, but I was too sick to go. Either way, quickly before I move onto the post, I just want to share a little bit about the festival itself. This year there were so so many incredible artists like Ariana Grande, and the festival itself was just as insane as every other year. I have been hearing a lot of people saying that Coachella is overrated, so I just wanted to say what I think about this. Personally, it is my favorite festival out of the couple I’ve tried (and by far)! I always have so much fun there, especially since I still attend with my loved ones, a good company is definitely essential. The food is overall much better than the Tomorrowland festival and any other festival for that matter. But, I do have to say the food is overpriced since it’s like every other festival haha. But the music, in general, is more my style (more pop artists than other festivals) and speaking of style, one of my favorite things about Coachella is its fashion! Cruising through the sandy fields, it feels like you’re on a catwalk with the most original and weird outfit ever. It’s super fun and so inspiring to see everyone dressing so cool (at least for someone creative like me). This year my brother, his girlfriend and I got the insane opportunity to go backstage as we got artist-guest passes. I went VIP the two previous years, and I was so looking forward to seeing backstage, and everything that comes with the artist-guest passes! For this year, I was most excited to see Childish Gambino, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande perform, which was great since they were all playing on a different date! Now, let’s get on to the post shall, we? I will tell you about each day on what I did and what I wore! Enjoy!



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On Friday we drove from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. This trip can take up to 4 hours depending on traffic and where you leave from. So, because we always get so lucky, we got caught in traffic yay haha! Anyways, we spent about 4 hours in the car, and we finally made it to La Quinta, where our hotel was located, at around 8pm. We pretty much checked-in, opened our suitcases, changed in 5 minutes, did a quick makeup look (not my brother though lol) in 15 minutes, and then we were off! Gladly I had got my hair done in the morning while I was waiting for them to land to join me at the hotel in LA. For my hair, I went for three braids (with silver rings on the middle one) and a half bun, it actually stayed on so well! I was planning on keeping it for the second day of the festival as well! For this hair look, I was inspired by Ariana Grande at her Manchester One concert. Anyways, as soon as we left the hotel, we did a 15-minute car drive to get to the will-call where we got our wristbands! We arrived after 30 minutes of walking and headed straight backstage where we saw a little of Janelle Monáe’s performance before her show ended. I adore her, and it was nice to see her again because I saw her perform earlier this year at the Grammy’s. We then went to the DJ Snake show from the front access, which was so much fun! I couldn’t believe a whole year had passed by, and it was that time of the year.

The music was great and it was such a blast! He also played “Bohemian Rhapsody”, so I pretty much lost it haha (if you know me you know how much I love that song). Then we went to eat, I went for Mac & cheese and they went for pizza! Shortly after that, we restocked on bottles of water and then we headed to the wheel because; If you don’t have a picture on the wheel of Coachella, have you ever been to Coachella? Haha. No, but it was pretty much just showing Vivienne (my brother’s girlfriend) around since she was attending for the first time! We then headed to the main stage to see Childish Gambino’s performance and I kept wondering if he was going to perform my favorite song, which he did for his last song and he transformed it into a 6 or 7 minute-long song (when it’s only 3 in reality), which was so cool! I literally had a tear in my eye cause it was so good! I also liked the fact that he changed his performance on weekends 1 & 2. Quickly after the show, we headed to the Uber station, which wasn’t that, that far and we went back to the hotel to sleep so we could enjoy the next day!

Outfit Details: Since I only went to Coachella day 1 at night and Coachella is in the desert, so therefore very cold at night, I decided to go for jeans that are high-rise from Agolde. I matched my jeans with my black Saint Laurent suede booties and my star patch jacket. I completed the look with my absolute number one festival essential, my black Chanel backpack (because you can never go wrong with black, or a backpack)!



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On the second day of the festival, we stayed at the hotel until 2pm as we were enjoying the pool and breakfast before the crazy festival haha. As we were getting ready, I decided to add glitter to my half bun and braids to make them pop and more in the festival theme! We then ordered an Uber and arrived at the festival, we walked a bit again to get there. We then arrived at the artist/artist-guest pass entrance and we walked around for a little bit. We found a whole area with a small lake and lights and sculptures and it was just so dreamy! After walking around and taking a couple of pictures, we went to grab a few things to eat and shortly headed to the set of J Balvin! We stayed for almost the whole performance and it was great, it’s always so fun since they always have a guest! Then we went to a whole other part of the festival and entered a few shops. I really wanted to check out the record players, I always go to that shop it’s so adorable and they have the cutest neon lights on the wall! We then went to Juicy World which wasn’t too far from the Record shop and was so enjoyable as well. We left pretty early as Vivienne and I truly wanted to see Billie. Unfortunately, the front access was full so we had to do a huge detour which made us lose 20 minutes of her show and we still had to rush to Wiz Khalifa as soon as possible after that! Luckily enough I got to hear all my favorite Billie Eilish songs (including “Xanny” that I briefly covered on an Instagram story not long ago)! Either way, it was so much fun and I would love to go to one of her concerts in the future! She’s so incredibly talented and she definitely has amazing stage presence! We then ran to another scene that was on the opposite side to see Wiz Khalifa perform! Once again, it was sooo crazy! The energy and the vibe at that moment was truly something else. He performed his most iconic songs as well as “See you again” which hit me right in the heart and made the whole crowd so emotional… Not too long after the show ended we headed back to the hotel!

Outfit Details: On Saturday I wore a flowy top from Eggie with denim shorts from Levi’s and my backpack from Chanel. To tie the look together, I wore my white studded Chloé boots that I thought matched the vibe of the look and festival perfectly!



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On our final day, we decided to leave a little bit earlier than the previous day since it was the last day we could enjoy Coachella. Also, a lot of artists that we liked were performing throughout the whole day so we wanted to catch everyone. We left the hotel around 1pm and quickly made our short way back to the festival! As soon as we arrived, we decided to go have something to eat since we hadn’t eaten that day and then we quickly made our way to the main stage from the front access! We pretty much decided to stay there the whole day since Zedd was shortly coming to perform (with Alessia Cara as a special guest), then Khalid rapidly followed and to finish the weekend in perfection, Ariana Grande! We went out of the crowd a couple of times between performances to buy food and water. Day 3 was so much fun and I couldn’t actually believe I was so close to Ariana Grande performing at COACHELLA..! It was truly a memorable moment and Vivienne, my brother and I had a blast! We decided to leave the front access to go a bit further away around halfway through the performance since we were pretty squished and just want to dance instead!

Outfit Details: On day three, I went for the “typical” festival look. That consisted of embroidered leather shorts (from Saint Laurent), a yellow silk cami top (from Revolve), matching thick socks of the same yellow color and leather black boots (both from Dr. Martens)!



I overall had so much fun at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival this year and I absolutely cannot wait to go back! Everything was perfect and I have pretty much no complaints but I just wish my best friend could have been there too haha. I would just like to add that another reason why I love this festival so much is there is so much more art and it’s so much prettier than let’s say, Ultra or any other festival.

Either way, would you be more interested in attending a festival like Tomorrowland or Coachella? Also, let me know down in the comment section which style of outfit you would wear to an event like this!


Lots of LOVE, as always,



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