Hey guys! How’s it going? First of all, I hope you all made really good jokes today for April fools day haha (I definitely did haha). It’s been a hot minute since my last beauty post and for today’s post, I absolutely wanted to share my review of the skincare brand, Tatcha. I have heard so much positive feedback from this brand! I have only tried one of their products in the past, it was the ‘Luminous Deep Eye Hydration Serum’. I really liked using that product when I tried it, so, I wanted to get a clearer look at the brand and so I purchased a couple of their products at Sephora during the past couple weeks to try them all out. Now that I’ve tried them all and have a set opinion on them, without further ado here are my thoughts on Tatcha!
Ps; This post is not sponsored by them or any brand.
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Quickly before heading onto all the products, I would just like to add that their packaging is absolutely beautiful (although I try to order as much “minimal packaging” as possible for environmental reasons).  I enjoyed the little story that comes with every product. I also have to say that EVERY single product smells like literal heaven! But the major plus is that for each product that you buy you fund a day of school for a girl. I’m so beyond glad Tatcha is doing this and it honestly makes me glad I’m a customer, more brands should do that!
7This was one of the products I was the most eager to try out! I liked it yet I didn’t love it as must as I would have thought. It’s a great product but I still prefer the Dior “Capture Youth” cream since it gives me more hydration (especially for when I sleep). I will definitely use that one straight after I apply this one as it’s still one of the best creams I have ever tried. My skin looked way smoother after applying this product for a few days and it certainly helps a lot with pores! The pore part of the product is really cool since you usually have to use two products (one for hydration and one for pore perfecting) so it’s a 2 in 1 cream and I will say it is definitely worth its price (in my opinion).
8I loved this lightly exfoliating cleanser, it’s definitely not a product I would use every day but I would use it at least once week or more if needed. Again, it’s a very good cleanser but I still overall prefer using a (non-exfoliating) cleanser every day than an exfoliator, but I don’t mind using a more exfoliating cleanser once or twice a week. I actually bought the full size of this product at Sephora since it was the only one they had, but, once I was on their website to look for products I hadn’t found in stores I found all the travel sizes (which are essential for me while traveling). I overall liked this cleanser and it didn’t dry my skin out at all. I definitely will purchase the travel size again since it’s again a 2 in 1 product (cleanser and exfoliator) and it is super practical (plus the creamy and a bit foamy texture it great). But, I don’t think I will be purchasing the full size again. I would recommend this product if you don’t have time for an extensive beauty routine or you don’t like using a lot of products (since it is 2 in 1).
9Onto the exfoliator! I love first of all that there were 4 different exfoliators to choose from for each skin type. I went for the classic one and it was perfect for me! I used it every three days for two weeks and I absolutely loved it. It smells so good and I adore the light foamy texture. I will still purchase the “sensitive” one after finishing this one to be able to use it every day for light more gentle daily exfoliation. This is definitely one of my favorite products out of the products in this post, if not the best product! You also only need a small amount when you apply it to the box I believe will last pretty long.
10There are only a few masks where I really see a difference after rinsing/taking it off and this one is really one of those masks. Since I have a few blemishes I usually do a purifying or clarifying mask following a hydrating one. But, I think now I might as well just change my whole routine just for this mask! This is truthfully one of the best masks I have ever tried. It leaves your skin leaving smooth and looking beyond luminous! I would recommend buying this product a hundred percent (or even in travel size). It’s the most efficient mask I’ve ever tried (and it literally is my favorite color: pastel purple)!
11I love sheet masks since they’re so easy to take on-the-go (without the whole box for 40 uses-masks haha). The pack of this sheet mask was filled with serum and the mask was more than beyond soaked but it was great. My skin felt smooth and hydrated. This is perfect for after a long flight and dehydrated skin! It’s a good mask and I probably will buy it again but it’s still nothing compared to the Violet-C Radiance Mask!
12I have used this as a moisturizer day and night for the past three weeks. I also use it in my hair after the shower and it is also great for your body! It’s pretty much the one thing you need while traveling haha. Especially to warm locations like Miami, at the beach and under the sun. When I feel like my skin is a bit too dry I change to my cream moisturizer but only oil has ever worked out perfectly for me. This is again an all in one product and it is so practical! I bought it in the big size and small size (and I refill the small one each time I get home) and I couldn’t be more obsessed with this oil! The oil is light and not greasy at all, it gives the perfect hydration for smooth skin and even-toned skin! I would use it as a hair oil during a vacation but it overall isn’t hydrating enough for my hair (because my hair is very high maintenance and thick). It’s still a great oil and has multiple uses which are the best! If your hair isn’t so thick I would definitely recommend also trying it in your hair!
13I wondered if I should get this cream because of the price, but oh my- I did not regret it. I have been looking for a very good hydrating eye cream for such a long time (I tried a few that I absolutely loved), but this one is refreshing, de-puffing and perfect for after a long day before work or after (yes, it even works a base under makeup), this could even be perfect after/in a long flight!  It’s packed with green tea, Okinawa mozuku algae and Akita rice for a full perfect hydrating, detoxing and anti-aging formula. I’m overall super glad I purchased it as it’s perfect for jet lag and tiring days, but it’s definitely not for me on a daily basis. I say this because it is very strong so I wouldn’t use it every day but I still love it!
14Onto the only product dedicated only to the body! I have been living off the end of my Kora body oil bottle (that I am obsessed with, by the way, it is perfect for after showers). Anyways, I have been using that product for my body for a few months now and I thought it was about time to try out a new one. I bought the travel size and honestly regretted not buying the bigger one ever since the first try. It’s seriously such a soft soothing body butter, that penetrates fast into the skin and smells so beyond good! The cream is actually blue but completely transparent once you put it onto the skin and it leaves you with a very pretty light glow.
15Finally, onto the last product! I very rarely use primers when I do my skin but I heard a lot of positive feedback on this one and decided to try it for myself. This one is one of my favorite products on this list and one the ones I have used the most as well. The packaging is practical and the base soothes and minimizes the appearance of pores and in short, makes your skin a silk canvas ready for makeup! This one is definitely worth its price and the product lasts a long time!
I have enjoyed every single product I’ve tried in one way or another and I would honestly use any of these again any day. It’s by far one of the best brands that I have tried where honestly EVERYTHING is good! Yes, the items all still stay expensive but to me, there is a very clear difference between them and drug store product and the fact that you pay for a day of school for a girl! Trust me, anyone reading this, these products are worth the splurge!!
Have you heard about the skincare brand Tatcha before?

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