Hey guys! How’s it going? As we legit just finished the first month of 2019 (I still can’t believe it as it went by so fast), it’s time again for my monthly favorites! The new year has already brought me so many new and amazing favorites!
I decided to start posting only my fashion and beauty favorites together and keep all the entertainment for its own post. I won’t be sharing movies and tv show favorites this month, but you can look forward to some other really fun posts coming up!
Either way, for this post I will be sharing my 5 favorite beauty products of the month; from water masks to long-lasting makeup finishing spray. As well as my fashion essentials of the month and other fun things I always had around! Enough introducing, I think I’ve said it all. Oh and this post is not sponsored!


Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 01.07.12

I bought this mask last time I was in Los Angeles and I adore it! I’ve tried a couple of night masks but they were pretty uncomfortable and tend get all over your pillows (and hair) as it doesn’t really completely dry. BUT, this wasn’t the case for this one! For me personally, it absorbed pretty quickly and my skin felt really hydrated and smooth in the morning. This one is a must-have, especially when it’s cold!
I’ve been pretty makeup free these past couples of months but on the rare occasion when I did wear makeup, I really went for it haha. In order to do that I needed a good makeup spray to keep it all in place! I used to use the Urban Decay one that I still like but this one did the trick for me and I would definitely recommend it! I got this product on their website a couple of months ago and it came with a mini version too which is so useful for traveling!
As I previously said I didn’t wear makeup but when I did I usually went for a strong smokey eye or something pretty extravagant haha. I was originally planning on posting a review on this eyeshadow palette, but since I didn’t I will include it here! All of these shades have an intense pigment! I also never owned an eyeshadow palette with that many shades! It’s pretty much the perfect palette to travel around with! This palette has now become an essential for me as I’m sure it will have all the shades I will ever need haha (but truly it has eyeshadows that go from warmer tones, to colder shades even to glitter ones…). All 39 SHADES are great in my opinion. I also have to just mention Pat McGrath’s eyeshadow palettes as I’ve used that as well on each makeup look for an extra touch of sparkle!
I’ve been obsessed with Miranda Kerr’s organic line ever since I first tried it out about a year and a half ago. From oils to mists to hydrating creams and masks, I always find my paradise or fresh organic products on her website. It’s truly refreshing to see a brand like that in shop’s everywhere, even Sephora! One of my all-time favorites of the collection is the rose mist that I use all the time. My skin tends to get super dry, especially during the winter. I even spray it a couple times throughout the day, it is so refreshing and keeps my skin hydrated… and for the hundredth time, FRESH!
I also love this mask! It is made mostly with pumpkin and it even has little seeds that gently exfoliate your skin in it! This mask seriously leaves you with baby smooth skin! It’s another one of my current favorite masks! The scent of this mask is also so, so nice! You can check out my full review about it HERE.
Lastly for the beauty section is this pimple gel. I love to apply this whenever I edit a post or am staying at home, it always helps to keep me with clear skin! I have a few products that work just as well as this one, but this gel was the only one I had whilst traveling with me.
I’ve discovered this brand on Instagram and I saw that they had insanely cool hoodies. I purchased this one that I love and it is so, so comfy! It’s definitely going to be one of my favorites of 2019, especially to travel!
8. GUCCI – Leather bomber with Paramount logo black
Another essential of the month is this leather bomber I got for Christmas. I’m so thankful for this, it’s so my style! I love bombers, plus the Paramount logo is such a cool one!! When I received this gorgeous leather bomber from Gucci with the logo from the Viacom company, well, I was over the moon. It’s perfect to wear with an all-black outfit or to go out!
9. Polaroid OneStep+
Last but not least, this is not fashion nor beauty related, but I still had to include it! Polaroid cameras have always been a favorite of mine but I’ve literally had this specific camera with me EVERYWHERE in the past couple of weeks! I personally always had the small Fujifilm cameras that I like but always dreamt or having that huge one (as it’s so much cooler and more vintage)! I love to use the pictures I take to decorate my room, to put them in frames around my house, in albums etc… This is such a fun way to keep memories.

That’s it for my January essentials! I hope you enjoyed this post.
Also, have you heard about Laneige? It’s the brand that made the water sleeping mask. I use their lip balm all the time and it is essential especially if you have super dry lips (and when it gets really cold)! Let me know!

Lots of LOVE, as always,
Tiffany Lea

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Hi, my name is Tiffany Lea. I'm a globetrotter and blogger. I posted every 2 to 3 days about everything ranging from events to travel to movies & tv shows to fashion...! Join me on all my adventures around the world! Instagram: @tiffanyzimmy


    1. I love LaNeige too! It’s such a good brand and yes the lip mask is literally insane. It’s truly a must-have! But I personally really liked the water sleeping mask a lot but I guess everything works differently on different types of skin and everyone. 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️ Xx

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