Hey guys how’s it going? If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@tiffanyzimmy) you should be aware that my brother and I unexpectedly traveled to Miami for a week! In the past couple weeks, I’ve traveled so much and I haven’t really got the time to enjoy the sun and truly relax, so, we thought Miami would be the perfect place to relax! I hadn’t been there for a few years and neither had my brother. He actually came up with the idea whilst we were in the mountains near our hometown. We left two days later and the temperature difference was insane (even though it was the night when we arrived in Miami)! As soon as we left the airport doors in Miami we knew we were going to have a good time! I wanted to do an OOTD for every day this week for you guys and also explain a little of what we did! So, here we go! Enjoy!
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On our first day, we mainly stayed at the beach as I haven’t enjoyed the beach in such a long time. My brother and I wanted to go do jet skiing, but, we weren’t able to since you need to get a license (if you want to jet ski in the state of Florida) which was so surprising and I’ve never been to any place with a rule like that! But, either way, we enjoyed the sun all day and we even started to get a little tan!
Outfit: I wore a Pain de Sucre one-piece with Brandy Melville striped shorts, Chanel espadrilles, and a Chanel vintage beach bag
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From day two onwards we started mainly staying at the beach and ordered guacamole. Because let’s be honest; there’s nothing better than doing nothing and eating guacamole!  We were supposed to go eat at Zuma for dinner but we ended up watching Warner Bros’ Bohemian Rhapsody and falling asleep.
Outfit: I wore an oversized mustard button-down top from Out and Under and shorts from BDG (sold at Urban Outfitters) with Chanel round glasses, Chanel shoes, and a vintage Chanel bag.
screen shot 2019-01-10 at 16.40.41screen shot 2019-01-10 at 16.17.22.
Day three was so relaxing! It was the warmest day on our stay in Miami and probably the day we got the most tanned. We ended up watching Instant Family on the TV in our hotel which was super fun and quite emotional! I definitely recommend it (but Bohemian Rhapsody even more)! We just ended up doing the same thing every day as we kept a good rhythm for the whole stay in Miami (waking up at 6:30AM almost every morning)!
Outfit: Red crop top and belt from Urban with BDG shorts. Chanel espadrilles and a Chanel beach bag.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 16.40.45photo 08.01.19, 3 22 32 pm

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 16.17.34.
On day four we mainly stayed at the pool where I ordered a ton a virgin Piña Colada’s! We also spent some time by the pool and I also edited a ton for ZL!
Outfit: I wore a mustard top from Urban Outfitters with shorts from Free People.
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For one of our last days in the US we decided to walk around the hotel (we also had to buy more sunscreen because our Londoners’ skin can’t handle too much heat haha). We spent some time by the beach, took fun pictures and we saw Venom and Bohemian Rhapsody (again haha)!
Outfit: T-shirt from Urban Outfitters, shorts from a local store in Los Angeles and black converse.

That’s pretty much it! Unfortunately, I also got a huge sunburn but the trip was still 100% worth it! I had so much fun here especially since I hadn’t come in a while but I’d really love to come back this year hopefully.
It really felt so good to have a trip where it was pretty much doing nothing all day! It’s so nice to take a really good, relaxing break once in a while!
Also, let me know if you have a favorite outfit from this lookbook!
Lots of LOVE, as always,
Tiffany Lea

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Hi, my name is Tiffany Lea. I'm a globetrotter and blogger. I posted every 2 to 3 days about everything ranging from events to travel to movies & tv shows to fashion...! Join me on all my adventures around the world! Instagram: @tiffanyzimmy


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