A Little bit of Casual and a Little bit of Dior – GENEVA OOTD

Hey guys, how are you all doing? As I just got back to my amazing hometown of Geneva I thought I’d share an OOTD with all of you. If you are new to these posts or to my blog, these posts are where I obviously describe and show an outfit that I wear but I also do a little life update! I hope you enjoy!

As I’m in Geneva for less than 2 days I decided to prioritize meeting up with some friends and spending some time with my family. I spent all afternoon with a very good friend of mine that I consider family. We had a very tasty lunch and it was all a lot of fun. We also went to see a movie which had the hottie Zac Efron as one of its main roles, so, for obvious reasons it was very enjoyable. Either way, it was a super cozy and chill afternoon and I really enjoyed it.

I wore a pair of my favourite black shorts which are from BDG (that are available at Urban Outfitters), along with a Brandy Melville top and a red cardigan that is also from Urban Outfitters. To finish off the look and for the sake of this bloggable-OOTD, I decided to add black glazed booties from Saint Laurent and a Dior silver bag.

I haven’t announced this on ZimmyLifestyle yet, but, I will officially be attending Marvel’s Venom premiere in Los Angeles! Although, I will first be heading to Paris as my mom and I have been invited to a Céline fashion show. Céline has just changed designers so it is all very exciting! I can’t wait to go to both of these incredible events and obviously I am so grateful! I will, of course, write posts about both, so, I can share my experiences with all of you and so you can come along the journey! You can expect to see a lot of these two events very soon. Obviously, you should stay tuned.. hihi!

Anyway, here are some of the shots my friend took of me in this outfit (while we were goofing around).


Untitled design-5


Untitled design-6

Top: Brandy Melville, Shorts: BDG, Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Booties: Saint Laurent, Bag: Dior.

Even though I wore this outfit at home, (without the shoes and bag of course), I feel like this is the perfect chill but also classy look. You can style it up with converse or boots to go have lunch with a friend. Or, you can go the opposite direction and style it like I did with booties and a flashy bag to complete the look. You could also spice up your makeup a little more to go with the more kind of going-out style or you can do what I did and just wear a little bit of concealer, lip balm and some brow pencil.

I love this look because it combines both high-end fashion pieces and more affordable pieces. Those type of outfits are my fav for an everyday wear.

That’s it for today’s post! Let me know what’s your favorite item from today’s OOTD was!

Also, will you go see Marvel’s « Venom » starring Tom Hardy when it comes out? Let me know!

Lots of LOVE, as always,

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