First of all, happy 4th of July! It’s that time of year again… Paris fashion week is back! and this time, we are celebrating nothing other than the beloved and heavily admired designs of haute couture. This week implies many things for countless individuals; but for me, it’s simply a key to a lot of fitting rooms and loads of fun! This season I received invitations to the presentations of two major fashion houses’ collections: Stéphane Rolland and Fendi. I was so beyond excited to go to both and I truly could not wait! The first show of the week for me was Stéphane Rolland’s, an incredible designer who gifted me this invitation knowing that it would be my first time to one of his presentations. This reality left me eager to discover his taste and curious to witness the collection first hand. The fact that the phenomenal jewelry designer for the show was a close friend of my mother’s made the event all the more enjoyable. I have known her, Albert Boghossian, for years too, so the show made for a great reunion!
In preparation for the fashion show, my mom and I flew to Paris from London the day before the event. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed, prompting our heavily unappreciated sleep in the next day. This late-wake-up unfortunately meant that we didn’t have time to eat nor properly get ready for the event. We left in a rush, after having quickly applied makeup and our outfits. For the event, I wore an Urban Outfitters top with Zara shorts and Dior thigh-high boots. I completed my look with natural looking makeup and my favorite Fendi bag!
Upon our arrival at the location do the event, we said goodbye to our friendly driver and met up with our friends, who of course included Boghossian. The building itself was, funnily enough, a mere radio station! Stéphane’s show took place in a theatre of sorts which had been assembled inside said spacious radio station. Upon our arrival at the theatre, we talked to more friends and then found our seats in the 5th row. All of that lasted about 20 minutes and then once seated, we waited another 10 minutes for the show to commence. With a brilliant view, we felt very happy!
By commencing I mean the lights dropped, an orchestra walked in and not a single person in the room made a noise. Absolute silence and then suddenly, the orchestra’s music started, we were flung awake with the break of sound! They started playing and then the first model walked in, wearing an all-white, angelic outfit. Her look consisted of an open flowy dress paired with sleek white heels accented with a silver heel. With this outfit, she wore a low-ponytail which continued to be the hairstyle every model wore throughout the entire presentation. The second model then strutted out wearing a very contrasting all-black outfit, which consisted of a low-cut loose dress with leg-slits and a maroon-colored collar. Her look was accompanied with the same, stellar white heels. After that wonderful look, an all-beige outfit followed: an ankle-length dress with the same length cardigan and a belt to tie the whole piece together! Following the beige number was a look with a white top and a long nude-colored skirt. The same white open heels continued to appear and time and time again, I became more and more aware of how beautiful they were. The few next looks stayed within the same spirit containing a lot of nude and earthy tones. After that came a stunning floor-length transparent dress with white designs. Then, a model walked in, wearing the most stunning silk pink dress with the same colored fanny pack. Following that, I witnessed many more original and peculiar white dresses and outfits, including a white jumpsuit attached to a long gown that looked exactly like a wedding dress!

After this, the looks started getting more colorful and I became absolutely stunned by white pants and red top ensemble. The top was open both in the front and back which I thought looked absolutely gorgeous: somehow, it didn’t seem too revealing, and instead looked beautifully discrete. A fanny pack accompanied the top and pants, perfectly completing the look! Subsequent to this stunning look was many more dresses and a lot of incredible detailing such as a leather burgundy jumpsuit with a silk red gown. Then, all the looks started to delve into a more transparent vibe, involving lots of sheer materials. Specifically in this section of the show, were a lot of long-flowing gowns.
The show was then brought to an end with a more black and white theme. At that point, the outfits were all those two colors and consisted of primarily floor-length coats. To finish off the collection were several oversized shiny dressed in black, silver and red. Also with these looks were a lot of jumpsuits covered with gowns. Very close to the end was my absolute favorite look: an all-nude outfit paired with ripped jeans, a white top and a corset attached to a long gown, tied by a knot at the shoulder. And last but certainly not least, came out a genuine fairytale dress which involved a transparent oversized white princess dress, with big shoulders, and yes, you guessed it, a crown! To accompany this, the orchestra started playing delicate and soft music. The fact that the dress was transparent kept it slightly sexier and contemporary, especially since the shape of the dress was quite large. As soon as the princess model walked out, the finale began; all aligned and perfectly ordered, the models came out. Fascinating, stunning and invigorating, I fell in love all over again. The creator of this collection, Stéphane Rolland, then walked out, bowed, and enjoyed his absolutely stunned audience.
Following Stéphane’s appearance, the lights magically went back on and we were lead out of the theatre. My mother and I were then invited to a small after-party/cocktail where we got to meet Stéphane in person and see Albert Boghossian, again. We got to talk a bit about the collection which was really fun and after spending around 45 minutes there, we departed to have lunch at L’Avenue!
Overall, I had an absolutely amazing day (go check my Instagram story @tiffannyzimmy to see the amazing surprise Fendi prepared for me in my hotel room!!) and I had the best time at the fashion show. The collection was spectacular and I loved how applicable the pieces were: I mean most of it could even be worn on a daily basis! Finally, the dresses were all extravagant and very over-the-top, but I loved them regardless! I’m so happy and thankful I got invited and I cannot wait to potentially see their next collection!
Thank you, Stéphane!
I’ve attached a couple of my favorite looks and pictures of my outfit below:
Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 00.15.26Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 00.17.35Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 00.15.38Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 00.35.28Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 00.35.42Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 00.35.06
Let me know down in the comments section below which of the looks above is your favorite! Are you excited to see Fendi’s new collection? Have you heard of Stéphane Rolland? Do you like sheer clothing? Tell me!
As always, loads of LOVE,
Tiffany Lea

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