Sitting in London one day, scrolling through my Instagram feed, I fell upon Brother’s Trust event tickets, which were finally on sale! Ultimately over the moon, I rushed to buy one and then fell asleep, overjoyed and excited. Especially considering all the money raised by the event would go directly to their charity – news that made me both motivated and even more intrigued.
After the insane craziness of the premiere (link to post HERE), and the after party, (link to post HERE) I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this event! I had seen the big letter ‘A’s for about a week and had gotten pretty used to being offered mini Avenger character figurines every five minutes haha!
Anyways, that’s how the ticket buying went down and here is how the actual event played out. Enjoy!
My best friend and I woke up at 5:30am, got dressed in an hour and then left our London flat heading straight to Starbucks to get some intense energy boosters and evidently, to fully wake up. After that, we took an Uber straight to the theater that was near Hammersmith station. Once we arrived, we immediately ran into Tessa, Tom’s adorable dog who was super sweet and was accompanied by Tom’s dad, Dom – both of which we took a selfie with! After this, we waited in line for a bit to pick up our wristbands for the event and got some Infinity War posters signed by Tom himself!
Once we had everything that we needed, we went inside the theatre and to our surprise, discovered that our seats were in the front row! We then waited for a couple of minutes before all of a sudden, Tom came out and greeted the crowd. Following this kind engagement, the movie commenced, and I enjoyed the rollercoaster of emotions all again! As the film is so long, I’m glad I got to see it for a second time, as there were inevitably a ton of things I missed the first time around.
When the screening ended, Tom sweetly came out and engaged himself in a question and answer session with us for 25 minutes. He answered a ton of subjects ranging from his favorite scene to his upcoming travel plans! Other than being really entertaining, this question and answer session was also fascinating as I learned a lot about Tom! Cutest yet was when he miserably tried to not reveal any confidential information about the upcoming Marvel movies – the poor man felt so pressured! Considering he was right in front of me, we inevitably caught eye contact on more than several occasions, making me laugh and smile all at the same time! His best friend Harrison, who is also an actor was amongst us in the big theatre, and once everyone had asked all their questions, he helped Tom choose the winners for the raffle! To quickly explain the lottery, when I bought my ticket, I received a number which could eventually grant me signed photographs, posters and a ton of other cool stuff!
When the screening, Q&A, and raffle were all over, we finally went outside to catch some air. Happy with how the event had played out but sad to be leaving, we waved goodbye and then got onto a bus, which lucky us, would be taking us to our very own PRIVATE meet&greet with Tom! His grandparents, little brother and all the staff from the Brother’s Trust were also on our bus!! About 10 minutes later we arrived at a café which was also a restaurant where we went upstairs to find an empty room – funnily, we were the first ones there! We then waited for the place to get a bit more filling and later. Eventually, Tom walked in.
As we were the first to arrive, we were the first in line to go up and talk to him! In doing so, we took a ton of really fun photos and talked about the world premiere and Avengers: infinity war! He was intellectual and poignant yet still calm and reserved, kind of course and so so friendly! After that exciting and engaging moment, we decided to go around the room for a bit, meeting loads of lovely people! From staff members to Tom’s family they were all very, very sweet. I also got to talk to Harrison who was really cool!
We then continued to take pictures and got some things to eat, walked around for a bit and then talked to Tom again! Overall, we mostly chatted about the world premiere and how amazing his charity was, and how much money he had raised through this event alone! We stayed at the meet&greet for a bit less than 2 hours and had just enough time to do everything and have a blast! On our way out while waiting for an uber, Tom, Harrison, and his little brother drove past us and said hi – making for a perfect finish to this magical day!
That’s it guys, I hope you liked the post! Let me know if you’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War yet and also who’s your favorite Marvel superhero? Would you like to meet Tom? And Harrison? Tell me!
LOVE – as always,
Tiffany Lea
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  1. Loved reading this! Unfortunately I can’t meet him but I’m happy that other fans get that chance! Did you get nervous while talking with him? I would freak out 😂😏 Nah, then I would just enjoy the moment ❤️



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