Recently, I have been staying in the beautiful country of Monaco with my brother and a couple of his friends. Located on France’s Mediterranean coastline, Monaco is an incredible city-state where lots of celebrities spend their holidays… Amongst shopping and gossiping, my brother and I also spent a lot of time in cocktail bars around the city. Lucky for us, while we were relaxing by the pool one day, a friend of ours informed us about an upcoming party in Cannes that A$AP ROCKY would be attending! No questions asked, we immediately agreed to attend!!
A couple of days later we booked a driver to bring us to Cannes and back as we knew the party would be crowded and Ubers would be scarce. The party was in a club and was sort of an after-party for the closing ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival (that I will be attending next year) so in order to fully enjoy the experience, my brother and I booked a table next to the stage!!
After a long one-hour car ride, we finally arrived at the club. Once we got there, we were met with hundreds of people, no joke, it was packed! The normal queue was awfully long but luckily as we had previously reserved, we got in super quickly!! We became friends with the funny security guard at the door and then entered the huge, colorfully lit room!! Amongst A$AP ROCKY, were celebrities like Kendall Jenner who attended the party… We ordered some bottles, took loads of pictures and overall had so much fun! As our table was slightly higher than the norm, we had a very clear view of the club and were able to completely see the stage! This was fantastic when A$AP ROCKY arrived and especially when he performed a couple songs! As you can imagine, the crowd went absolutely nuts!! After A$AP finished his gig, we danced for a few more hours, had a couple more drinks and then went outside for some air, which is where we walked right passed Kendall and A$AP!! After this, we concluded that we were getting tired so we called our driver and made our way home. The drive was hilarious as we played super loud music and laughed our alcohol intake away!!
Love, Tiffany Lea


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  1. Oh wow Monaco has always been on my list of places to visit, how cool that you attended an A$AP Rocky concert and passed celebrities too, and totally spare of the moment/unplanned, which usually turns out to be the best experiences! Awesome photo’s 🙂

    Xo Gemma
    Sunday Somewhere

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