Waking up for my second day in Osaka felt strange yet weirdly comforting. Our plans for the day consisted of revisiting the Universal Studios and going to discover the famed Osaka castle. Starting with the castle, we set off after our breakfast with a 15-minute taxi ride. Upon arrival at the park surrounding the castle, we were met with loads of bridges, little houses and evidently a stunning view of the castle! While crossing the biggest bridge, I pondered about how Japan has so little trash cans yet is always stupendously clean – every time I would need to throw something away, I would have to keep it on me for a least an hour before I came across a bin!
Now back to enjoying the park, we wandered around, took photos and strolled through it for about two hours. Unfortunately, as we had forgotten our cash at the hotel had mere cards on us, we weren’t able to visit the castle itself. Nevertheless, we still got to see it from the outside. Now thinking about Japan as a whole, I realized and paid close attention to how well dogs are treated in this country and how smoking isn’t allowed in most places…. so different from what I’m used to!
Next up, we went back to the Universal Studios where we were finally able to do all the rides that we hadn’t had time for the day before! Once inside, we played some theme park type games (in which I sadly lost), ate sushi and did a couple fun rides! The rude I enjoyed the most of the many that we did was a simulator one! I’ve done a ton of these before in my life but this one was by far the best! It wasn’t just any simulator, it was a simulator while on an actual rollercoaster… Everyone had to put on a virtual reality mask and sit inside the cart of a rollercoaster!! Not knowing what to expect at first, I got kind of scared but when I put my mask on and saw a pilot on an airplane, I felt much more reassured. Little did I know that our plane was about to takeoff and we would shortly get attacked! I could feel drops, brutal turns, immense speed… Everything felt so outstandingly real! Funnily enough, it happens to be Universal Studio’s newest ride! Following the ride, we bought a couple souvenirs and then made our way back to our hotel!
Tiffany Lea
I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip in Osaka! Please comment below if you’ve ever been to Japan and if so, where?!



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  1. Aw, such fun and cute photos, girlie! I always admire the traditional architectural styles of the Japanese buildings. It looks like you had so much fun; Japan is definitely on my must travel list, as I’m sure everyone else’s too, haha! Thanks for sharing, babe, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



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