I first started hearing about the Tv Show “Riverdale” from a friend, she told me I needed to start watching it as it was really good! During that time I was in the Maldives around February. I watched the first couple of episodes and started getting addicted to it instantly! And as you probably already know we are in the end of April, so why write about it now you might ask? Well, first, because the season finale is approaching and because I met the cast at Coachella last week (click HERE to read the Coachella posts)!

Here’s a brief summary of the plot: The series starts in September as the new years begins, but with the tragic death of the popular Jason Blossom everything is going to change. The story sets in a small town called “Riverdale” where Archie and his friends live a life full of secrets. I don’t want to spoil too much about the show, so if you want to know more you’ll have to go see for yourself!

My favorite character is by far Jughead (Cole Sprouse), a lot of people seem to hate his character but I think he is loyal, independent, his hat is super cute, he has a dark sense of humor, dedicated writer, ok I’ll say it he’s also very good looking… Another thing I like about the show is its incredible cast. As I have met them in real life and have had a few conversations with them, I can really say they are unbelievably nice! Not only are they nice, I think each actor fits it’s role perfectly in the show. The soundtrack is also really good. And as I am a huge fan of comics myself, “Riverdale” was based on the “Archie Comics”, that I will start reading very soon, so stay tuned to hear more about that.

I think “Riverdale” is the perfect Tv Show to binge watch on Sundays or when you chill with friends at home. Let me know if you have already started the show and what you think about it in the comments!

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