I have been hoping to go to Nashville ever since my sister moved there to study music! Since my sister joined us on our family trip to the Bahamas, I went back with her, and we left together to Nashville. I didn’t really have the time to see a lot as I only stayed there for two days and a half, but had lots of fun, and I was euphoric to see Squire (Laureline’s cat). 
The first thing I loved about there was the airport! You could clearly see it’s the City of music, there were guitars, microphones and album posters everywhere! After the airport, we joined Laureline at her place, and we left all our stuff to go to the Cheesecake Factory! I have wanted to go to this restaurant for such a long time! I have a friend who lived in Los Angeles for a few months, and she wouldn’t stop talking about how good their food was. So, I was very happy to have finally been there. I took the Avocado Eggrolls and the chocolate mousse cheesecake, and let me tell you both of these were incredibly tasty, but the plates were way too big! After that, we went back to Laureline’s apartment to sleep.
The next morning (officially our first day) we waited for my sister to come back from her classes and I worked on some things during that time. I also went to buy some things to eat, binge watched “13 Reasons Why” (click HERE to read the review I made about “13 Reasons Why”) and obviously cuddled with Squire! When Laureline came back she brought us to a local restaurant called “The Smiling Elephant” which was the best Thai restaurant I’ve ever been to! We drank ginger tea, ate pad Thai, soups, and many other things! When we left we all agreed on going to Nordstrom. Where I bought a pair of Adidas that I have been wanting since a few years but the shops never had my size….. a pair of booties for Coachella, a few chokers and some t-shirts for the rest of my trip! We then headed home where I spent some time talking with my sister!
When I woke up I wrote a few posts for Zimmy Lifestyle, took some photos for Instagram and did a live on my second Instagram account which was really fun. I also watched a few youtube videos and catched up with a few things I had to do. I started feeling hungry, so I went to “Taco Mamacita” (a Mexican restaurant) where my sis Laureline joined me. When I saw my sister, I realized we were both wearing the green t-shirt we bought the previous day! So, we were accidentally matching! When we got in the restaurant, they were full and told us to come back in 30 minutes, so we decided to go to local shops where Laureline and I found a cute cardigan that we bought and immediately wore and so now we were almost entirely identical! We did a few other stores, and then we headed back to Taco Mamacita, where we had tacos, guacamole…. After that, we went to have manicure and pedicure done! Then we went to have an Ice cream in a sweet place. My sister then called one of her friends to join us, we stayed at a terrace and hanged out for a few hours. Once in the apartment we closed the luggage and went to sleep as we had to wake up at 5:30 AM for our flight.
I didn’t do that much in Nashville, but I still had a blast! I really hope I will go back soon.
Much Love,
Tiffany Lea
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