I have been thrilled to watch the Netflix’s new original show “13 Reasons Why” ever since its announcement. I started watching it the very day it came out. I didn’t like at first, as I thought it was too similar to other shows and movies and didn’t like the way it was presented. But as I decided to give it a second shot, I got more and more into the story and started to enjoy the show. It really isn’t your average teen drama. So, I continued watching and finally didn’t regret it.
It shows how Hannah endured her social oppression and loneliness and how it can devastate a human being.  We can see how “little things” can have such a huge impact on someone and how teenagers from this generation only care about their own reputation and their appearance. How teenagers would do anything to be “accepted” and popular. Hannah felt the snowball effect, it first started with a list, then it was another thing and another and another…. And the accumulation of all these things finally made her decide to end her young life. “13 Reasons Why” is the perfect show to educate young adults about suicide and bullying, teenagers need see something real and something intimidating to understand what others are feeling. I can say I relate to Hannah in some points as I left High School for a few of the same reasons. Hannah showed us what she went through and because of that it can help other kids not to make the same mistake because suicide is not the answer. A show like this was needed and as Selena Gomez said “the show is as real as it can possibly could get”, I totally agree. The show also has a great soundtrack and ever since I started watching I have been listening to the songs in the car and before going to sleep! I personally think Langford (Hannah Baker) and Minnette (Clay Jensen) as they were both perfect for their roles and I am sure they are going to have great careers after these incredible performances. As I really liked the show and its message I am going to start reading the book soon and probably also make a review on it. I think Netflix could make a second season to tie up all the loose ends and cliffhangers. I would recommend the show to anyone who’s 16+.
Tiffany Lea


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3 thoughts on ““13 REASONS WHY” REVIEW

  1. sorry not to disagree but coming from a girl who has friends who have been hugely affected by suicide, and whose friend tries to commit: the show is really awful. it trivializes suicide and turns it into an event that there is fault for and it is really fuckinf shitty. i could rant but i won’t.



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