Today I finally started something I have been wanting to do since a while… SINGING! If you have read my post for “New Year’s Resolution” you should then know that I have been wanting to try out a couple of new thinks. 
So today I started taking singing classes here in Switzerland and for the moment I really enjoy it! 
Of course, he only taught me some basics and I sang a little. I would love to practice more my voice and learn new things! 
I’ve always loved singing and since already a really long time now, I have been wanting to take classes to learn how to sing and it’s kind of a dream that I left aside! 
So now I finally decided to start, I will be taking a few classes during the week whenever I’m home so that I can practice my voice, I hope to give you some updates about how everything is going on very soon! 
Love-as always,
Tiffany Lea

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Hi, my name is Tiffany Lea. I'm a globetrotter and blogger. I posted every 2 to 3 days about everything ranging from events to travel to movies & tv shows to fashion...! Join me on all my adventures around the world! Instagram: @tiffanyzimmy


  1. Hey Tiffany!

    I have always wanted to sing!!!! But I have never tried… maybe because people initially made fun of my singing and I started mocking and laughing at my singing skills!! hahaha! I guess I have to try real singing soon! I would love to keep up with your singing updates!




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