For those of you who discovered The Walking Dead with the TV show like I did, and don’t know if it’s worth reading the original comics books ; YOU SHOULD!

I am currently reading the comics and I am loving them! I read half of them and that corresponds to season 4 approximately.

There are many differences between the show and the comics, especially in the personality of the characters. For example :

  • Michonne for example is one of the main characters in the show, she is thought and is the “badass” girl. Whereas is the comics books. Michonne has still a hard personality but is not represented as thought as in the show.
  • Andrea on the contrary has not the best character on the tv show and dies pretty quickly whereas in the comics she is one of the coolest and everyone’s favourite.
  • Daryl is most certainly your favourite character in the series but in the comics he simply doesn’t exist.
  • Rick lost his forehand as it was cut off by the governor in the comics, this was not adapted to the series as it was too complicated for the shooting.
  • In the show the language and scenarios are more prude, but we can’t say the same thing about the comics.
  • In series Carol is represented as a thought and solo player, whereas in the comics she is completely insane and even ends up killing herself.
  • Lori’s death, in the tv show Lori dies giving birth to Judith who survived, however in the comics Lori dies with Judith while running away from the prison as the governor attacked the prison and shot them.
  • Maggie is the only survivor of the Greene family in both the comics and the series, however in the series she only has two siblings but six in the comics.

I hope these facts made you more curious about the comics, I tried to give some hints without telling too much, there are many other big changes and differences in the comics book. I normally never read comics but as I loved the tv show so much, I decided to give it a try and didn’t regret it. You really get easily caught in the reading and keep wanting to know what happens next. So now you know what you should do next!

love, Tiffany Lea

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