New York, what can I say about this fabulous place! Everything is so different there, the shopping, the peoples, everything’s bigger and taller… I was very excited to go back there! The last Winter where I was in New York it was freezing cold! I thought this time it would be the same, so I equipped myself for as if I was going on an expedition to the North Pole.

When I got there, I was happily surprised, there was no snow and the weather wasn’t that bad.

When I go to New York, I usually go to my favourite restaurants, but not this time! We decided to try new flavours a found some very good places to have brunch (click HERE to read my post about it), and many other delicious restaurants .

My mom and I really wanted to do some art galleries but unfortunately they were all close due to New Year’s. So we decided to do some shopping instead, where I found my comics of The Walking Dead and a very cute backpack. We did many other things such as walks around Central Park and the City centre… The day after, we decided to stay in for one day to relax, we took a Tea Time in our hotel lobby the 27th floor with view on Central Park! The Tea Time was superb, I had the time to read my comics and to take it easy on the noise and stress of NYC.

For New Years, we had initially planned to reserve a car to go to Morimoto (a very good Japanese restaurant). But as we were very tired and it’s impossible to circulate near Times Square on New Year’s, we decided to stay inside and do a room service!

I had an amazing time there! And hope to go back soon as I already miss it!

Love, Tiffany Lea

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