We arrived at the Académie diplomatic international, then we walked in, at the top of the stairs, we discovered by surprise an enormous and magnificent dinner table. It was so magic so unreal !it was as if we traveled in the past, in the fatuous event in Versailles  So royal! This incredible setting was not only glamorous in the new collection, but also in the way of the setting was done. I liked the originality of the setting and the way the table was a big sculpture. There was a big mirror on the wall that made the table look a lot bigger. I had the impression to got and had dinner at Versailles. Every shoe, handbags, and sunglasses were presented individually on a plate. Around the plates were lots of champagne bottles, caviar, turkeys, lobsters, fruits, candy, macaroons, glasses of glitter, golden toasts.., etc. Everything seemed so luxurious! And also very original next to the last press presentation. There was glitter everywhere! All the decorations on the table were made out of gold, and glitter. Which was so beautiful. They made up an original showroom for the Press Cruise Collection 2017. Sandra Choi explained to me that she had this idea of setting for an extended time yet.

Showing my blog to Sandra Choi (creative director of Jimmy Choo)

The Cruise Collection was very shiny and colorful with lots of new prints. The brooches were the latest idea from Sandra Choi, to customize shoes and handbags. It was a very colorful collection as usual but was mainly in the pink and purple colors. The bags and the shoes also had a lot of Swarovski and were very shiny with a lot of Silver.

XXX, Tiffany Lea

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