Fendi In Rome – DAY 1 : Haute Couture Fur Show

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6 July’s: Night Out

My mom and I took a plane from Paris to Rome in the afternoon. Once we had arrived, we went straight to our hotel as we were late for our Fendi dinner at Zuma (the famous Japanese restaurant). I quickly went to my room to get ready when I discovered a pair of sunglasses, a scarf and a fur bag strap, gifts that Fendi had left for me!! I then took off all my makeup and did a couple of touch-ups, put on my outfit and heels and was ready to go!

7 July: The Show Day

After last night’s Fendi dinner, we woke up early and got ready to explore the beautiful city of Rome. Fendi had organized some adventures for us so after breakfast, we got ready to go. The tour of Rome started with the Biblioteca Angelica, (via St Agostino 14) which was incredible. It was a huge library filled with ancient, books dating from around 1555.

After the library, we then continued our tour of Rome by visiting a private apartment, the Terrazza di Violante Via Monte Giordano 36. The view from the balcony was spectacular and left me speechless. You could see all of Rome.

Our driver then took us to see the Gianiculum Hill and finally the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, which both had amazing views.

For the last visit of the day, we went to see the   Palazzo Patrizi. Which was an old apartment in the center of Rome. The history of the apartment was fascinating as it had been inhabited since 1642.

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Once we had finished our beautiful tour of Rome by Fendi, we returned to our hotel to have our hair and makeup done before the Legends and Fairytales Fendi fashion show took place. To match my outfit, I decided to go with smokey eyes and a sleek, pulled back braid. After one hour and a half of preparation, I finally got dressed up. We then rushed to the car to go to the Trevi Fountain where the Fendi’s 90th-anniversary fashion show would take place. The fountain is known to be a breathtaking and symbolic place in Rome.

When we arrived at the red carpet, there were hundreds of fans eager to take pictures with their favorite celebrities. The place was filled with countless photographers and models. My mom and I took pictures at the photocall and were then interviewed.

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After the show, we continued on the red carpet to an area where an aperitif cocktail was served. This is where my friend from Fendi introduced me to a countless number of celebrities and models. Most notably, the Italian fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni and the director of Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo. They were both extremely friendly and inspirational. We stayed at the cocktail for around an hour.

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We were then lead to the incredible Trevi Fountain which was turned off for the fashion show. We took a couple pictures and then calmly sat in our seats, eager for the fashion show to begin.

About an hour later, the Haute Fourrure 2016-17 Fashion show began. The water started to come out of the fountain and a very elegant Kendall Jenner opened the show. She was in a fantastic blue dress and red boot heels. The catwalk was transparent, making it look like the models were walking on water. The show lasted about fifteen minutes and was filled with a lot of fur, patterns and capes. Amongst Kendall Jenner, models like Bella Hadid, Molly Blair and Vittoria Ceretti walked the show. The designer of the show, Karl Lagerfeld came out at the end Omani threw a few coins in the fountain. This is known to give you luck. The models had curly doll hair and were dresses as in a fairy tale. It was a magical experience!

After the show, I got the incredible opportunity to walk down the catwalk. It felt like walking on water. We then left to go to the Gala Dinner.

At the entrance of the Gala Dinner, there were papers with sketches of models and clothes designs floating in the air. We continued walking down the red carpet and returned to the photocall to again, take some pictures. We were then lead to our tables where we were seated for an exquisite meal. After the dinner, while dancing, I met the beautiful Kendall Jenner, who as expected, was very nice.

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Kendall Jenner and I

After the dinner, we could have gone to the club with the rest of the guests, but as we had already had loads of fun and were really tired, we decided to head back to the hotel instead.

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