A week in North America: lookbook of a (pre quarantine) wild last-minute trip to Mexico

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing good and safe at home with your close ones. For today’s post, I wanted to share a little throwback of a trip I did with my brother to Mexico (which was the last trip I did before the lockdown due to COVID-19)! Both my brother (Yann) and I are big travelers and have been to quite a few places. Mexico (as well as Brazil) were always at the top of our bucket list, and we knew we wanted to visit, but somehow, we never got a chance to go. Finally, on our way back from our winter vacation, we were talking about future trips and decided to plan a trip to Mexico. We then realized that a festival we loved was taking place soon in Tulum, and we thought it would be the perfect time to go! We planned a whole week trip across the country quite last minute (in fact we hadn’t even booked hotels for all the destinations yet haha) and two weeks later we boarded the airplane from London Gatwick and off we were to Cancún!

As soon as we landed in Cancún in the late evening, we took a taxi for a two-hour drive to Tulum. Tulum was our first stop for three nights, it is also where the festival: ‘Day Zero’ was going to take place!

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We arrived the previous evening at Papaya Playa Project (our hotel) on Tulum Beach and fell asleep right after eating tacos and guacamole from the room service! The next morning we walked around Tulum and went to the beach, and we were about to visit Pablo Escobar’s house but decided we were going to have a day at the beach instead! Later that night, we had to pass by the bar because there was Woomoon (a guest DJ) playing his set. It was so good and was a good distraction to not fall asleep from our jet lag (the worst part was that the bar was right in front of our villa haha). We also passed by a market full of boho festival accessories (belts, hats, jewelry…) which were set up in the hotel for the night, which was so cool!


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Outfit: My knotted top comes from ‘Privacy Please’, shorts are from ‘Hollister’, and the bag from ‘Steve Madden’! The booties are from ‘Dr. Martens’ and sunnies from Saint Laurent. 

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On our second day in Mexico, we decided to stay at the beach for the first part of the day, and then we started getting ready for ‘Day Zero’! We quickly changed into our festival looks and took a taxi from our hotel to the site where we redeemed our tickets. From, there everyone attending the festival took a shuttle to head to the stages (organized by the festival). We arrived at ‘Cenote Doj Ojos’ in the middle of the jungle! We decided to go in the early evening as the festival was set to end midday of the next day, and it was also when all the best performances were. We stayed all throughout the night watching all the sets until the next day. ‘Day Zero’ was unlike any other festival I had ever attended, the music (as well as the setup and the lighting) was really great. They even had a crystal clear blue water cenote where we could all safely swim a lifeguard (at least for those of us with a swimsuit or at least a small towel, haha). The people and staff were so friendly (even though the event ran out of water 4-6 hours before the end, which was not great, haha). It was so fun to go with my brother, and there’s no one I would have instead gone with, it was truly unforgettable! I honestly still can’t believe we made it to the end of the festival (the next day) but, thankfully we had rested the previous day haha. Once the festival ended, we took the shuttle back to the site where we took a taxi back to our hotel! From, there we decided to walk from the beach back to our villa, and as you can guess, fell asleep straight away, haha.


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Outfit: My crop-top comes from ‘Fleur du Mal’, embroidered shorts from Saint Laurent and boots from ‘Dr. Martens’. As for the accessories, my small bag comes from Urban Outfitters, my sunnies are from ‘Ray-Ban’ and hat is from a local store in Tulum. I also decided to add a Mexican touch to my outfit by getting this cardigan at an all-handmade shop!

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As soon as we woke up, we ate and packed our bags as we had booked a car for the afternoon to head to Chichén Itzá, a pre-columbian city built by the mayan people (and one of the 7 new wonders of the world)! We visited the site for about an hour and still couldn’t believe what we had just witnessed, it was crazy to finally see it in real life! Afterwards, we headed back to the mini van and headed to Cancún (where we were spending two nights). We stayed at the Turquoise by  the Hilton hotel inside the Hyatt Ziva resort! We went to the gym as soon as we arrived and finished the day by (yet again) eating tacos and guacamole haha.


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Outfit: For our tour in Chichén Itzá, I wore a cropped trop from ‘l’Academie’, shorts from ‘Levi’s’ and my bag from ‘Steve Madden’. As for the shoes, I wore boots from ‘Dr. Martens’, and wore my ‘Ray-Ban’ sunnies and hat to help with the sun!

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On our fifth day in Mexico, we stayed inside the resort. We went to the beach, pool, gym and finally, we ended the day with a massage! It was paradise! I also convinced my brother to go to Mexico City (our next stop), by car (a full day of road trip) instead of booking a plane ticket. Because, I thought it would be great to see the wild and rural side of Mexico (not only the most known cities). We ended up calling our driver from the previous day to see if he was available and quickly organized the trip for the next day!

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Outfit: For our day at the beach in Cancún, I wore a ‘Jade swim’ one-piece (Tether in the color ‘Pebble Sheen’).

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On our last day in Cancún, we packed our bags and enjoyed the sun at the beach for a couple of hours before going to the gym (which we both really wanted to do before sitting for 21+ hrs in the car). We quickly had tacos afterwards and then headed on our way to Mexico City! We started by going to Yucután (where we bought food for the trip at a gas station), followed by Campeche. We listened to music, talked, and enjoyed the views for hours before falling asleep as we were driving through Tabasco. Funnily enough, a nice staff member from ‘Day Zero’ mentioned his hometown, ‘Tabasco’, and said I should visit it one day, I never thought I’d go, but here I was a couple days later! I love little coincidences like that, haha.


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Outfit: For our second day in Cancún, I wore a vintage Chanel swimsuit with a ‘Jacquemus’ belt bag and ‘Gucci’ slippers (followed by a warmer, and comfier outfit for the night in the car).


Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 23.52.26
We woke up driving through la Puebla and Tlaxcala a couple of hours away from Mexico City! As we were arriving in the city, we booked a last minute hotel. We arrived at the Marquis Sky Suites hotel, and they told us they didn’t have our room ready, but we got an upgrade instead! We had a crazy two story penthouse (with a treadmill!) and a beautiful view over the city. Shortly after checking into our room, we ate, (as if we were eating for 10 people haha). Later we decided to go to the pool, and we came back up to the room afterwards instead of going out as we planned since I was feeling sick. I fell asleep as soon as we came back up, and my brother went to the gym and then explored our hotel!

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On our last day in Mexico, I woke up really early and had breakfast. I still was feeling a bit sick, but I just chilled and waited for my brother to wake up to walk around the city! After coming back from our walk, we had lunch and packed our bags! Our flight wasn’t too early so, we also ended up going to the gym which, made me feel way better. Shortly after, we took a taxi to the Benito Juárez International Airport!


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Outfit: I opted for a comfy crop top that I bought on ‘Revolve’ aged ago, with green shorts from ‘Heartloom’ and my black ‘Dr. Martens’!


I had so much fun discovering this new country and culture with my brother and being so close to South America, which I hope to visit as well once all this is over. From the road trip to the festival to seeing one of the world’s 7th wonders, it’ll take me awhile to get over how a crazy and surreal (and last minute haha) that trip was. It definitely won’t be the last time my brother and I go to Mexico. It was incredible!

Have you ever been to Mexico? If not was it ever a country you wished to visit? What travel destinations are on your bucket list? Who do you like to travel with? Let me know!

I hope you’re all staying home and taking the right precautions with covid-19. Wishing you all health and happiness for you and your families.

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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