Summer day closet essentials – from knitted tops to rompers to my everyday bags

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing good! For today’s post, I wanted to share my spring/summer clothing must-haves. You can still wear most of these pieces throughout the whole year as they’re genuinely essentials or if you have a warm climate haha. If where you live has a cold winter you can also use these pieces for layering or for example you could wear the dress with tights. I’m going to share all my ‘basic’ clothing wear per category. I have 6 in total: tops, dresses and rompers, bottoms, jackets, bags and finally; shoes! Although this post is focused on daywear, most of these are also very easy to wear at night as well. But either way, let’s head onto the post, shall we?

P.S. This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.

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Starting off with the tops, there are a couple more types that I would have liked to add (like tube tops), but I stuck with my personal essentials from this year, and these truly are my favorites. In my opinion, all of them are absolute essentials and are easily matchable with anything! This year in particular knitted tops have been my go-to for everything, and I would recommend shirts (like the red floral print one shown above from Sabo Skirt) for the beach. Loose shirts are so cute for the beach as they are not too warm and are super pretty, the floral print is also super on-trend every summer. I love a good graphic tee for any outfit; you can make so many looks from it, whether that be a super-simple graphic tee with a logo or a band tee from your fav band (or a band you’ve never heard of… but the t-shirt is cool haha). Like I mentioned above tube tops would have made it into the list but I prefer tops like this white tube top with straps, it’s so pretty, and you don’t have to worry about it falling down. I also am a huge believer that white t-shirts or any type of white top are a HUGE essential for any summer look-book. One-shoulder tops have been my favorite thing to wear this summer as they look so unique and special, but they are usually very comfy and simple, they really add something extra to a minimalist look. Last but not least are the lace top and the bralette top which I think can both really make an outfit more extra and can even transform into a going out look!

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First of all, in this section, I would highly recommend getting the classic ‘little black dress.’ It never runs out of style, and you can style it for the day with a belt and booties, sandals, etc.! Now onto rompers, they’re one of my favorite clothing pieces because they are so comfortable and so cute. Rompers are so easy because you can just throw them on super easily and there you go, you have an outfit. A perfect lazy day outfit aha! My favorite romper has been this khaki one ever since I received it from Urban Outfitter’s, I think it’s safe to say, I’ve been obsessed with it haha. Like the black dress, you can wear these at night as well depending on how you style them.

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You always need to have a pair of jeans with you in your suitcase, even if you’re leaving to a hot destination. I always say this because you never know where you will end up and what the weather can change too! I recommend specifically the high-rise “Boyfriend” jeans from Levi’s, they’re great! I also believe it’s essential to have a dark wash pair of jeans shorts as well as a lighter wash pair, so the two can match with any outfit! Animal-prints have made a huge comeback this year and I find it so beyond gorgeous on skirts, I would highly recommend it! Snakeskin or Leopard print looks so good on the right clothing items and can make your outfit super cool and on-trend! Leather shorts are also a big essential for me and are perfect if you want something a little edgier or ‘chicer’ than usual. These ones are from Saint Laurent (again highly recommend because the leather truly lasts a lifetime if taken care of) but depending on your budget I recommend checking out Beginning Boutique’s website, they have similar shorts for less. There are also a lot of pleather shorts on the market that look similar or even vegan leather that is super cool!

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Onto my favorite category, jackets! I put my five essentials again including more ’stand out’ ones but that is still a must-have. I think that everyone needs a classic soft black jacket, this one is slightly cropped and from Brandy Melville (I tend to keep it in my backpack when I travel, and it gets cold in-flight)! Cardigans are comfier and perfect for anything but I tend to wear them more indoors, however they can really be cool for some outfits. I also highly believe that leather jackets are must-haves as it’s truly a timeless piece that is wearable at day or night throughout the year! Denim jackets are like leather jackets to me, they can work with any look and if you wanna be risky, you can go for an awesome all denim look with some denim shorts mentioned above. The last item is a statement jacket, I would not necessarily recommend my jacket but I feel as if everyone should have one statement piece that they can wear when they’re feeling more adventurous! Fringe is my all-time favorite trend on jackets so I love my very extra white fringe leather jacket. Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 06.22.48Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 05.48.29

Now onto one of the most fun categories! This year one of my favorite trends has been transparent bags, whether it’s a beach bag or a smaller one. I truly love its original look. A backpack is also a huge essential if you tend to visit a lot, in the summer as I do; you NEED a backpack it is so much more practical. Even though I’m the first person always to wear darker bags, this season I have been in love with white bags. I have worn this one a lot, to brunches, out with friends, etc. It makes your look pop especially if your outfit already has a lot of darker shades. Speaking of white bags, another big trend I have adored recently are belt-bags, especially the Jacquemus ones. They have the prettiest small white one that also serves as a wallet! Having a shoulder bag is also a must, whenever you’re on ‘the-go’ and need everything with you! I wore this one to the beach a couple of times, and I love its original embroidery and the color! Other really great shoulder bags are Totes that I would highly recommend as they’re so practical. Finally is the colorful bag. I love a good colorful bag to make a dull outfit exciting. This one is so cool with the mix of reds and pinks.

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Now onto the last category, the four summer essential shoes, in my opinion, are black booties; because they match with EVERYTHING, platform boots; that again is wearable with anything, these ones are the 2976 “Chelsea” boots from Dr. Martens, I adore them because they’re slip-on and easy to put on and so comfortable after a few wears (you have to break them in first as the leather when you first buy them is very tough). One more thing to add to the list is espadrilles or sandals, but I will forever prefer espadrilles as I love the style of them, they’re the best summer shoes honestly! I would also recommend white boots as they’re such a statement, these are again from Dr. Martens, but I also love more “western” looking booties!

That wraps it up for my summer essentials! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if I included your essentials and what your favorite piece from this lookbook was!

Lot’s of LOVE, as always,


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