10 Masks To Make You Have The Best Skin Of Your Life For This Summer

Hey guys! How’s it going? For today’s post, since it’s been a little while since my last beauty post, I wanted to share with you some of my fav face masks to give you the ultimate skin for the best months of the year (summer)! I will be including some of my all- time favorite masks from clarifying masks to some more hydrating one’s as well eye masks that I live by (especially when I travel)! I also decided to include some sheet masks as well as other ones that come in packs… so you can find the perfect product for you, whether you’re looking for one-time use or if you’re more of a 2-3 times a week mask kind of person (like me haha). Either way, let’s get onto the 10 masks, shall we?



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1. Glamglow – Bubble Sheet ‘Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask’ – 55$
Starting off with by far the most fun mask, this easy sheet one is so satisfying to have on as it keeps making bubbles throughout the short 3 Minutes you have it on. It helps my skin feel so much fresher and cleaner afterward! It also gives you a nice glow and soft baby skin, since the first time I tried it I knew I wouldn’t be able to get by without it!

2. Nannette de Gaspé – Restorative Techstile Mask – 95$
On to another more recent discovery, I absolutely fell in love with this original mask! It’s very odd since it’s actually an all-dry sheet but you can feel it tingle and do it’s magic as soon as you put it on! Also another plus, you can actually use it multiple times (2-3 uses), since it’s a dry mask which is so cool and rare for a sheet mask! Again this mask helped me give my skin an extra glow and felt so nourished and almost renewed after use.

3. Tatcha- Violet C Radiance Mask – 68$
This is probably the one I have mentioned the most in previous blog posts out of this list. It’s been one of my biggest skincare discoveries of 2019 by far! As I mentioned in an old post I don’t usually see big changes after using any face masks but some do really make a big difference (in my opinion mostly the ones on this list), but the Tatcha face mask quickly became one of my favorites since its results are literally insane. It gives you moisture, glow, smooth out imperfections, dullness and also helps with anti-aging which is always a plus at any age! I can’t say enough how highly I recommend this one.

4. Dr. Brandt – Oxygen Facial ‘Flash Recovery Mask’ – 70$
I had to include a full bottle version of a mask as well since oxygenating masks truly are my favorites! I loved this one equally as much as the sheet masks but if you’re looking for more uses you’re better off buying this one. I still recommend checking out the single sheet one to see if it helps your skin before buying the full size, but I guarantee you won’t regret it! I tried it on for the first time a couple of years ago in Portugal and I couldn’t get over how funny having a hundred of bubbles forming all over your face feels haha.

5. Tarte Skincare – ‘under eye rescue patches’ – 25$ (pack of 4)
I have tried quite a lot of under eye masks in the past year and I found out a lot is actually quite rough on your skin and plus I don’t have such sensitive skin, but some eye masks still felt rough! You’re under eyes is such a sensitive area so you really should be careful with what you put there! But, in the end, I found a ton of eye masks that are not irritating and that I can’t live without and this is one of them. I usually leave the masks on for 15 Minutes sometimes up to 30, I try to put them in the refrigerator before use as it helps depuff your bags (especially in the morning for me) and pretty much immediately makes you look less tired!

6. KNC Beauty – ‘All Collagen-infused’ Lip Mask – $66.41 (pack of 10) 
Onto a product that I use way less frequently, which is a lip mask, but I use it when my lips are too dry or after a long flight! I highly recommend buying the pack if you tend to have dry lips like me. It helps a ton especially if you exfoliate prior! It’s the ultimate essential if nothing else helps for your dry lips and it’s safe for daily use (but even once a week does the trick at least for me)!

7. Tata Harper – Clarifying Mask – 68$
This is essential if your skin tends to break out, especially for the Summer. This mask is also a purifying mask which is great! I didn’t think much about clarifying masks until a while ago and they were pretty much exactly what I needed! This one is by far my favorite, it is slightly exfoliating which I love and helps your skin feel instantly so much cleaner and out of impurities. It’s safe for all types of skin but it’s still a pretty ‘strong’ product in my opinion so if it tingles too much make sure to rinse it out!

8. Summer Friday’s – R+R ‘Glow’ Mask – 52$
Onto Summer Friday’s! I had to include at least one product of the brand and although it wasn’t an easy decision this one clearly had to be THE ONE. I think you have realized by now that I love having masks that are exfoliating at the same time as it keeps your routine so much shorter and easier! Although this one is exfoliating it’s also highly moisturizing and give you the perfect summer glow. If I only had to use 2 masks for the rest of my life, this one would probably be it as it’s truly an all in one mask.

9. Fresh – ‘Umbrian Clay’ Purifying Mask – 140$
How can I not include a purifying mask if we are talking about masks! The ‘Umbrian clay’ mask is a timeless product from Fresh and in my opinion, it will always stay a classic! It helps a lot if you tend to have impurities but it has a lot more benefits like reducing the appearance of pores, making you more youthful and more!

10. 111Skin – ‘Celestial’ Black Diamond Mask – 15$
Last but not least, I had to include another of my favorite eye masks! There’s no doubt that I will put on my last one on before heading to the MTV movie and Tv show awards next week haha. Like I previously mentioned the results are much better if you put it in the refrigerator prior since the cold helps de-puff (as well as waking you up in the morning haha).


That’s it for today’s post! It feels like a simple one but much needed in my opinion. Masks are so underrated as the good ones can help your skin so much!

What are your all-time favorite face masks you can’t live without? Have I included them? Let me know!

Lots of LOVE, as always,


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