Hey guys! How’s it going? I’m currently on a little trip in Los Angeles with my brother as we got invited to the Aquaman premiere! I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I was going but time went by so fast and it finally happened! I was so excited to attend my third premiere and my high hopes were not let down! It was so much fun!
I got the amazing opportunity to be invited and attend the premiere and the after party. So, this post is all about my experience at the premiere (stay tuned for part 2 on the after party)!
My brother and I had arrived in the afternoon of the day before, this was great as it wasn’t super rushed. We got time to spend a bit of time in LA and got to get ready for the big day! The next day (the premiere day) I decided to go to the hairdresser the go cut a good 1-2 inches of my hair (for a fresh new little cut) as well as getting my locks blow dried. I don’t often go to the hairdresser so it was really nice to get my hair washed and pampered! I went to the ‘Mèche’ salon in Beverly Hills and the staff were all super nice. I would definitely recommend it for anyone that lives in the area!
Next up I went back to our hotel where I joined my brother and we got ready. I did my makeup and went for a more nacré-brown smokey eye. As we were a bit short on time, we decided to order a little something to eat prior to none other than room service! Then we put our outfits on. I was wearing a navy Dior transparent skirt embroidered with sea animals and Star signs in silver gems (that I wore with a skirt underneath and a simple navy top). With that, I wore a baby small Gucci bag in a velvet turquoise and to finish up the look I wore custom-made Jimmy Choo blue heels. The heels look like fish skin, perfect for the Aquaman premiere right!? haha. My brother went for a simple tuxedo jacket with grey jeans and white sneakers!


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We then headed to the TLC (Grauman’s) Chinese Theater where the Aquaman premiere took place. Once we got there we met up with a contact who gave us our tickets. While heading to the theater we passed by the blue carpet where we saw the whole cast! From Jason Momoa (Aquaman himself) to Amber Heard (Mera), Patrick Wilson (aka the Ocean Master but I love him from the Conjuring/Annabelle series) and even Nicole Kidman!!! Whilst walking next to the carpet to get in we also saw Randall Park who I believe was with his wife. I was really surprised to see him as he plays in Marvel but it was still super fun and unexpected! Right before getting in we saw Jason Momoa again with none other than his beautiful wife Lisa Monet.
After that moment of overwhelming but good craziness, we decided to get through security to get inside the theater. We passed by the bar where we took popcorn and beverages and then headed to our seats! The theater was huge and we had amazing seats right in the middle which was an awesome view of the screen! We waited for around 30 Minutes for the rest of the people and the cast to arrive and then the movie started! It was so fun as Jason screamed “Let’s do this” from the audience and other funny things happened. You could see how happy and involved he is in this project, which was so inspiring and cute! Lin Shaye from the insidious series qas also sitting right next to us! 

I will make a full review about the movie very soon but what I can tell you now is that I was at first super skeptical about seeing the movie, but wow. Wow, that movie was quite something! The first few minutes had me a bit worried, but then it was a crazy ride of emotions. I was blown away by the amazing graphism CGI whether it was on land or in the sea I just loved being there. Everything was incredibly beautiful and had some of THE BEST visual scenes in any superhero movie that I’ve seen (and trust me I’ve seen many haha). The plot was really interesting and well explained. Every scene also blended all very well into each other. It was just overall so fun to watch!
Once the movie finished we headed to the Roosevelt Hotel for the after party where we also met nonother than Yahya Abdul-Mateen II that plays Black Manta!
Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it will get you exciting enough to go see the movie!
Stay tuned for my post about part 2; the after party. Do you think that you will go see Aquaman when it comes out? Let me know!
Lots of LOVE, as always,
Tiffany Lea

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