Hey guys! How are you all doing? If you’ve been following me on social media and on my blog, you should know that I just came back from an amazing 4 days trip in Honolulu, O’ahu in Hawaii. The idea to go to Hawaii all started when my dad and I decided to go on a week and a half vacation to Los Angeles and then we thought we could go from LA to Hawaii for some extra fun. Also as we don’t spend enough time together! As you all know LA is my home away from home. I go there around once a month so it was fun but not out of the ordinary. I still had SO much fun and was super excited to go (don’t get me wrong), but, Hawaii was the highlight of the trip!

.The first day in Honolulu was probably the most laid back and chill day. In fact, I don’t even have a single picture from that day! My dad and I decided to go around to explore the area and we finished the day by watching some movies with room service cause we were both too exhausted!

.On our second day, we decided to stay at the beach where (surprisingly for a Londoner) I didn’t get sunburnt! For day two I wore a one size one-piece blue swimsuit with white stripes which is vintage looking and from Urban Outfitters. I wore it for the first time and I love the fit it gave me! If there’s one thing I’m picky about, it’s swimsuits, but, Urban truly did me proud! The weather was also much warmer than in LA and the water was so much hotter than I expected it to be! To resume things: it was a perfect day!


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On day three we actually wanted to get out and go on a road trip to visit the whole island, but, as we woke up a bit later than expected we decided to move the road trip to the next day and go enjoy the beach again instead. We went to a different beach a bit further than the hotel this time. I went for once again a one-piece blue swimsuit but this time from ‘Pain de Sucre’! With that, I wore blue shorts from “Free People” and an oversized comfy white top from Urban Outfitters. I also wore my favorite round Chanel glasses with the look and my mini Saint Laurent black backpack that I got for Christmas last year!!! We ended up going paddle boarding and doing other fun water activities. Also here’s a fun little story (it wasn’t so fun when I happened though, it was more stressful than fun): at one point my dad fell off his paddle board and lost his glasses in the shallow water. After looking for them for a while we both kind of lost hope. But, we kept looking and I actually found them! I quickly went to buy a mask to actually have a chance to look but I never actually thought I would find them in the big ocean! So, if any of you ever lose something, hit me up! I feel like Kylie Jenner when Kim lost her diamond earring in the ocean haha!


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Onto the last day. On that day I wore an Urban Outfitters dress I bought in Santa Monica a couple days prior. For shoes, I wore my trusty pair of black converse and the same Saint Laurent backpack and glasses. I also used the Morphe x James Charles palette on my eyes and a high-ponytail to finish off the look! So for our last day, we went on a 6-hour road trip! We stopped at a breathtaking viewpoint to take pictures and we drove a lot! We stopped at temples, markets, beaches and pretty much anything you would expect to see in Hawaii! I used my Polaroid to capture some of the key moments of our travel which was so so fun! Once we came back from the wild adventure we decided to spend the last moments of daylight by the beach.

Then my dad and I went back to the hotel where we saw ‘Jurassic Park’ in our room and then I packed! We left the next morning at 6AM to take my flight to LAX and then to London!


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It’s been a realllly fun trip and I truly hope I will be able to go back to Hawaii soon. I’m so grateful I got to go and had the best time there! I would’ve stayed a bit longer but I have to go back as I’m celebrating my 18th birthday in London! I’m also going back to LA on the 10th can you guess what for? Also, have you ever been to Hawaii?


Lots of LOVE, as always,

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