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If you’ve been keeping up with ZimmyLifestyle these past few days then you should know that I received the unbelievable opportunity to attend the Teen Choice Awards this past week. I’m really glad this was my first ever awards show and that I genuinely had so much fun! Click HERE if you want to read part one about my experience attending the event (including the perfect pink carpet) and HERE for the second part about the ceremony and after party! Now, onto today’s post: I selected my six very favourite looks from all the celebrities I saw on the pink carpet and decided to write about them to give you further insight into my experience that night. Without further ado, I’d just like to get straight into it, so here are my favourite looks from the 2018 Teen Choice Awards. Enjoy!


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Starting this list off right, Maddie Ziegler’s look from this year’s awards was phenomenal. When I first saw her being photographed a couple of nights ago, she simply looked perfect from head-to-toe. From her flawless bronzed makeup to her clean-cut blonde high-ponytail, she looked amazing! I loved the natural vibe she gave off with the few strands of curled hair framing her face and of course, her outfit! She wore a matching white-and-red-striped set which included a cute cropped-top with a pair of high-waisted, loose pants. She finished off the look with a pair of simple black heels that seamlessly matched her hair-tie. The dancer looked impeccable and her outfit was even cuter in real life! Plus her personality, as always, was so nice!


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 20.59.44


Next up, the ‘Kissing Booth’ actress wore a black shiny Leilou dress which I adored. I was unable to tell if she was wearing a belt or not but her dress definitely highlighted her waist amazingly! Although I’m not a huge fan of the heels she wore with the dress, I still truly liked this outfit and she looked gorgeous! The dress in itself was very poofy and extravagant but she managed to keep the look simple with a natural high-top bun. I also loved her makeup which really complimented her bright blue eyes and eyebrows. Finally, I thought her delicate triangle earrings and little golden hoop were also super cute, as they perfectly represented her personality.


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 20.59.58

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 20.28.42

Lili made her way to the pink carpet looking like a queen this year, wearing a religiously-all-pink look (I mean, even her lashes were pink!). The dress she wore gave off very Elle Woods and Vogue vibes and I loved its complete sequin style. She paired this dress with a very thin and simple black-string belt and highlighter pink scrapped-heel-sandals. Lili also sported very simple makeup which again, really helped draw all the attention to her stunning look. I loved that she kept her hair simple too, with golden nails to match! She was adorable when we met and trust me, she looked even better in real life! Definitely one of my favourite outfits from this post!


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 21.00.09


By far my top choice for male outfits at the awards this year, KJ Apa looked so handsome! I loved the salmon-nude colour of his 70’s style shirt-and-pants-suit from Dzojchen. This look really made him stand out amongst almost every other guy there, who were all in jeans! I also got the truly amazing opportunity to meet KJ for the second time at this event and he was as sweet as ever! I love that he got to show off his tattoos with this look and evidently, his great fashion style. Plus the immaculate white shoes perfectly tied the look together!


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 21.00.20


Although this might seem a bit simple for a red carpet, in my opinion, Noah’s look fitted the Teen Choice Awards environment perfectly. Once again, this wasn’t my favourite outfit from the night as I’m not really a huge fan of her shoe choice but honestly, I’m obsessed with everything else from the look. I really liked her feminine material-crop-top and multiple chokers and I thought the mom-jeans added a nice touch of simplicity and chill. Her sparkling silver heels were definitely another story but regardless, Noah still managed to accessorize herself well with chic sunglasses hanging out from her pockets! She looks super relaxed in this look which made every one of her photographs from that night look supernatural; it almost looked like she’d just arrived straight from the studio! Finally, like KJ Apa, I loved that her outfit left room for her beautiful tattoos to be exposed!


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 21.00.30Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 20.28.57

And last but not least, Normani and her never-ending Tommy Hilfiger gown! Everything from this look is a yes from me, from her sparkling bra-styled cropped-top to her checkered, red-and-black skirt… she rocked the carpet right! I loved her super long ponytail and there’s honestly not a single faux pas in this look! Normani stunned us once again with a classy yet revealing look which demonstrated not only her feminine-side but also, her effortless beauty. I adored the tiny diamond detailing on her sleek black stilettos and finally, her luscious makeup and dainty jewelry!

And there you go! That brings me to the end of my six favourite looks from the 2018 Teen Choice awards! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments section below, which one of the looks from above was your favourite and if you watched the Teen Choice Awards last week!

Sending each and every one of you lots of LOVE!

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