Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing good and having a wonderful day, shading away – just kidding! Today I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite sunglasses for this summer season. I tried to vary the prices and the styles as much as possible to fit every single one of you! I included some of my favorite eyewear collaborations of 2018 as well as a few pairs that I own and adore myself. Even though we’re nearing the end of July, the glasses chosen below are timeless and could be worn for a myriad of years to come! Without further ado, let’s get to my selections! Enjoy!

Just a little disclaimer before we start: I do not own all these pairs of sunglasses, I own a mere few of them and the rest of my selections are purely based on my wish lists or personal taste – none of the content below is sponsored.


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1 Round Metal in Gold – Ray-Ban – $ 153.00

To start off my list, here is the most classic and timeless pair you will ever see me wear. These glasses are so popular, they have genuinely become classics! They’re simple but wearable with anything and they are the best and probably the safest option if you are unclear as to what shape will suit your face – I have seen countless different countenances rock this pair! Wear these throughout the summer for a cool and sophisticated look: watch how the gold rim brings out the highlights in your hair and enjoy how the dark shade perfectly hides your eyes!

2 Ray-Ban Beat in White, Gold Red Classic – Ray-Ban – $168.00

Moving on, this is a pair which I absolutely adore – it’s original due to its salmon color and special due to its gold and silver detailing! I’ve been really been into round/oval pairs lately and this is the perfect pair to adhere to that! Wear these with bright colors and or all white and be sure to stun anyone – pink sunglasses aren’t seen every day!

3 Candy in Rose Gold – Madelaine X Privé Revaux – $29.95

As soon as I saw Madelaine Petsch (from Riverdale) collaborate with Privé Revaux, I immediately went on their website to find a pair! I automatically fell in love with this one, and even though I don’t usually wear pink lenses, they are the perfect look for this summer. Sadly the website couldn’t ship internationally so I wasn’t able to order them in the end, but regardless, I figured some of you could benefit from me sharing them if you live in the United States.


Another shape of glasses that I’ve been really into lately is none other than the famous and undeniably gorgeous cat eye. Known for its wear on faces like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, this shape of sunglasses will honestly never go out of style. I found this cute pair on Céline and it happens to be available in multiple colors too – enjoy!

5 RIBBONS AND PEARLS in Ruthenium – Fendi – $540.00

My mom bought this pair and I immediately fell in love, I’ve been borrowing them ever since! And therefore, I simply had to include them on this list… I love the delicate pearls on the outer line, making for a classy and fresh look for the summer. Slightly feminine with the detailing and shape but remaining reserved with the grey color, I just love them!

6 Essential Cat-Eye Sunglasses in Red – Urban Outfitters – $18.00

To try and vary the colors as much as possible on this list, I obviously had to include a red pair. I chose this one, a light cat eye which could accentuate your eyes and makes them look much bigger. I love this pair, and honestly, I’d love to purchase them for my future travels! There’s something so contemporary and stylish about them – I can’t wait to call them my own!

7 Venice Oval Sunglasses in White – Urban Outfitters – $18.00 now $10.00

Moving on, I’ve been wearing this pair for pretty much my whole stay in Marrakech so far and I’m genuinely in love with them! I just like the way they look and adore how original and different they are from the rest of the pairs I own. They make you look doll-like in the most fashion-forward way, making for absolutely great pictures! Wear these with light tones for a calm and natural look or with dark colors for a stark contrast.

8 The Sweet Leaf Sunglasses in Sky Blue – Crap Eyewear – $85.00

I ordered this pair a couple days back and cannot wait for them to arrive! Not only do I love their color, but I’m also so sincerely obsessed with their shape – I don’t know what it is about ovals but somehow they compliment my face in all the right ways! Which means that they might do the same for you – why not go a little crazy and wear something blue?

9 Oval Sunglasses in Silver – Chanel

Coming straight back to my favorite eyewear shape, here are some amazing oval sunglasses. Very reserved and discrete, these are for those of you that like to keep it a little privacy in the summer. Also undeniably classy, these remind me of late Gabrielle. I love the silver urban tone and their almost cold-looking simplicity.


I have a few pairs of this specific model in a few colors and honestly wear the life out of all of them – I guess I just can’t get enough! They’re so incredibly light and make you feel so incredibly stylish without trying hard at all! Drop the heavy shades and put these on for a carefree and relaxed feel! Even though my favorite pair is in Rose Gold, as soon as I saw these I couldn’t resist adding them to the post! I love the discrete side prints and again, the effortlessly chic silver color.


There you go, my top 10 at the moment! I hope you found a cute pair or if not, had at least a good read! Don’t forget to let me know which of the above was your favorite pair and which ones you maybe didn’t like so much… Do you already own any of the ones I listed? My favorites are 4 and 8 but I could totally wear 1 and feel amazing! Finally, what’s your favorite sunglasses brand? Are you willing to experiment with brighter colors? Let me know!

Have a wonderful day guys, I’ll be thinking of you!

As always, lots of LOVE,

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