Hey guys! I hope you’re having a good day!
It’s been a while since my last ‘Home Deco’ post so I figured now that we all have a little bit more free time (ah I love summer), it would be the perfect time to start doing them again!
I recently did a couple of polls on my Instagram (@tiffanyzimmy) stories to see what kind of posts you guys would like to see more of; and between ‘Movies and TV Shows’ and ‘Home Deco’, the majority of you chose  ‘Home Deco‘! So that’s what brings me here, trying to accommodate your wishes in a practical way: instead of just talking about my favorite designs, I chose to instead write a post about something which could be beneficial to you all!
Although Urban Outfitters is normally my favorite brand for clothes and jewelry, their ‘Home Deco’ section is also fantastic! This brand’s ability to succeed in all three of those domains is what makes them so brilliant! So in the making of this post, I decided to include Urban Outfitters in it!
And that’s what brings me here: an interest in ‘Home Deco’ and a love for Urban Outfitters! Without further ado, here are my guidelines for improving your bedroom this summer! Below are five items from their website that are amazing for any room and are all under 20 dollars! Enjoy!
Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 05.38.53
1. Abbey Road Poster – $10.00
To start off this list here is a very affordable piece of decoration, better known as a Beatles poster! In my opinion, posters are the perfect way to change your room in accordance with your mood as they don’t require any commitment to a specific style. They’re easy to put up onto walls (without damaging them too) and are even easier to take off! Use posters like this one to decorate your room in an affordable way! Personally, I love the Beatles (and the vintage vibe of this poster) so would be more than happy to have it on my wall, but again, it’s up to you! Pick a band or a picture you love and get it printed in a poster size or order one online. Enjoy!
2. Instax Multi Picture Frame – $14.00
Next up is this super cute frame which is the perfect piece to spice up your desk or even just to complement a wall. Although this gold Urban Outfitter’s frame is designed to hold three Polaroids, if you don’t own a Polaroid Camera or a  Fujifilm Instax printer, you can still use the frame by printing off your photos from websites such as ‘Photobox’ or ‘Cheers’. I personally adore the look of this frame and even more so what you can put inside it: polaroids have been a personal favorite for years! This frame is therefore really special as it is both aesthetically pleasing and memory-providing, I mean what’s better than having pictures of you and your family/friends on your wall?
3. Marble Stash Box – $18.00
Moving on, this next decorative item is probably one of my favorite things that I have ever found on Urban Outfitters. One of the best sections on their website, in my opinion, has to be their vast variety of jewelry organizers. They’re all so cute and practical and well this one is by far my favorite! I love its white marble color and therefore the simplistic yet classical vibe it gives off. It is the best at helping me organize my jewelry and perfectly displays all of my bracelets, necklaces, and even serves as a great place to leave my keys and spare coins.
4. 6″ Concrete Potted Faux Cactus – $14.00
Although I don’t actually own any cactuses right now, I’ve had at least one or two in my room from about the age of six. They’re incredibly pretty looking and very easily maintained. I love how they bring nature into your home and I love this one specifically as it comes in a very neat pot and is overall a super cute size. Yes, I know this cactus is fake but still, it looks real and practical and will successfully brighten up your bedroom this summer! Let me know down in the comments section below if you would rather have a real or fake cactus? I’ve always preferred real and if that’s the case for you, head out to your local garden shop – I’m sure they’ll have what you’re looking for. And if you prefer fake, UO is the place for you!
5. Classic Soy Candle – $20.00
Onto the last item of my list: a rose gold candle that I will definitely look for the next time I walk into Urban Outfitters, as I too want it for my bedroom! Here’s a brief description of what this goodness smells like: top notes of bergamot, mandarin + pink peppercorn; mid notes of crimson rose, geranium buds + liquid amber; base notes of warm cedar, smoked birchwood, guaicwood + white musk. It’s called Wild Prairie rose and above and beyond it’s wonderful smell, it also looks super cute! To me, the whole candle sounds like something out of heaven and smells like the most perfect balance between a fresh and sweet cozy smell. Buy candles like this one to sweeten up the smell in your bedroom this summer! It is a complete myth that candles should only be used in the winter.. join me in proving that!
And that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which of the items that I listed was your favorite and if you’d be interested in purchasing any of them? Also, would you rather have a real of fake cactus on your working desk? Let me know!
Keep in mind that this post is NOT sponsored by Urban Outfitters and all of the opinions mentioned above are my own.
LOVE – as always,
Tiffany Lea

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