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I recently went to see ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ as it just came out in the movie theatres and I really like it. As most of you know, I am a huge fan of the franchise so this film was evidently highly anticipated and eagerly awaited. Although I am a traditionalist and would choose the original Jurassic Park films over these modern creations any day, I still really enjoyed both ‘Jurassic World’ in 2016 and this new film. After having heard that the ‘Fallen Kingdom’ would be darker and slightly scarier than its predecessor, I became even more excited! Anyways, I’m here to tell you about all that I enjoyed in this film. I promise not to include any spoilers and hope to excite you and prompt you into going to watch it. Alright, that’s enough talking, let’s get to the post!


Before I delve into the review, I have provided you all with a brief synopsis of the film in case you haven’t already caught up with the plot via its trailer or the film itself… So, the film is set three years after the tragic closure of the Jurassic World park, when a volcano becomes active on the island, Isla Nublar, putting all the dinosaurs in danger and evidently, in clear risk of extinction. Jurassic World’s former manager, Claire Dearing (portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard), comes back into the films as a dinosaur rights activist, who teams back up with Owen Grady (played by Chris Pratt) to go on a rescue mission and save the dinosaurs, and, unfortunately for them, things get a little tricky….
The first thing that had me intrigued by the plot of ‘Fallen Kingdom’ is to do with its accuracy… Although I’m fully aware that the films are heavily fiction-based, why would anyone build an expensive dinosaur amusement park next to a potentially active volcano? Although that question still remains unanswered to me, I enjoyed the movie a lot. So, even though its plot isn’t exactly coherent with the level of intelligence the managers and scientists are trying to portray, it’s still an interesting and captivating film. Especially the scarier scenes like the bedroom scene with Maisie (played by Isabella Sermon) and the Indoraptor, had me completely hooked! I warn you though, do not go and watch this film if you have a fear of monsters hiding in your closet…


Similarly to all great science-fiction movies, one has to constantly ask themselves fundamental questions surrounding the root of the fiction and the plot itself. In this film, one could ask why the dinosaurs were created in the first place? and if so, are the humans in the film responsible for their protection? or is their death/extinction beneficial to the safety of mankind? All in all, I guess you could definitely conclude that if anything, this film was intensely thought-provoking.
What makes this film stand out, in my opinion, is its use of authority and all that comes with it. Unlike previous versions of this tale, this film portrays the dinosaurs in danger and replaces the humans in the role of the saviors. Previously, all we have seen is dinosaurs attacking poor, vulnerable people whereas in the ‘Fallen Kingdom’, that isn’t the case. This reversal of authority and position of power is what constitutes to the film’s greatness. Also, I love the films ability to subtly critique – throughout the movie, the audience witnesses a very discrete attack on humans, showing that now that ‘we’ have messed with science, it is our duty to deal with the consequences. I particularly like this argument as I feel like it is very coherent with many issues today.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Left to right: Chris Pratt (as Owen), Blue (Raptor), Justice Smith (as Franklin), Bryce Dallas Howard (as Claire) and Daniella Pineda (as Zia)

Above and beyond these ethical or practical questions that the film provokes, this movie also brings us much closer to the dinosaurs themselves. Through the advanced technology used to animate the film, the audience is able to really envision what dinosaurs looked like. That is definitely one benefit surrounding these modern reprisals of the franchise: that the animations of the dinosaurs become more and more authentic.
The film also had really special scenes which made it unique and just super cool! A particular favorite has to be the Gyrosphere freefall with Claire and Franklin (portrayed by Justice Smith). Other scenes that I adored included traditional ones such as when we see dinosaurs in cages who then escape, dusty old electrical circuit boxes that have to be fixed using only a torchlight, two protagonists falling in love… and, best of all, the classic ‘it’s behind you’ scene.
Looking back at the film now, I can say that I liked it, almost loved it, but although it sufficed, it did not exceed my expectations. And worse of all, it lacked something fundamental to the franchise and the fairytale: fun. The film delivered the classic scenes and was brilliantly cast, but I wasn’t roaring with energy… the film was entertaining, sure, but it was not exciting… ‘Fallen Kingdom’ is much darker and scarier than the 2016 film and the traditional 1990s ones. Even though it offers heavy plot twists and cool scenes, it does not achieve the same invigorating effect than the rest. All in all, I would rate this film a 7/10 as I still preferred the original Jurassic World movies that were just much more fun to watch. You all know that I love scary movies, but Jurassic World is a franchise rooted in excitement, not terror. Regardless of this default, I still enjoyed the film and am therefore still looking forward to watching the next one in 2021!


That brings me to the end of my post! I hope you enjoyed my quick review – let me know down in the comments section if you’ve seen ‘Fallen Kingdom’ yet and if not, are you planning to do so? If you have seen it, what was your favorite scene? Mine was the last one, but I won’t go into detail about that because I promised you no spoilers…
LOVE – as always,
Tiffany Lea

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