Hey guys! How are you all doing? Today I wanted to try out a new type of post that I’ve never really done before… attempting a makeup look and then explaining it! Interesting but complicated to write about, here is a look I made using only golden colors with warm earthy tones! I always try to create new content for you all and to keep my posts original so make sure you leave comments letting me know if you like this kind of post! Anyways, let’s get to the makeup! Enjoy!
A little disclaimer: I don’t wear that much makeup every day. I usually only do my eyes brows and put on a bit of concealer! This look is mainly what I do for more important occasions or when I’m feeling colorful! Also, this post is not sponsored by any brand and all the products listed below are my own. For this reason, my reviews about each item remain completely honest.
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I started off the makeup look by preparing my face with a Fenty Beauty primer and then I applied a light layer of my foundation (“Forever Undercover” from Dior in shade 012) with my favorite brush (12) from the same brand. After the foundation step, I moved onto my eyebrows where I used my must-have brow product “Ka-Brow” from Benefit (in the shade 5), which I’m completely and utterly obsessed with! I’ve spoken about this product in previous posts but honestly, it’s light cream texture, fantastic packaging and great application tools never get old! Once I had finished filling in my brows, I used a spoolie (mascara) brush, that overall aided the blending in the process, removing any excess product and making them look much more natural! After this, I went directly to my eyes, where I started with an eye-palette that I love dearly, “Modern Renaissance” from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The palette is composed of warm matte and glittery shades so I simply used my favorites and kept going! To be more specific, I commenced by placing “Tempera” and “Primavera” into the inner corner of my eyes. To achieve a gold glittery vibe, I used a flat brush from Mac (242) to firmly apply the product. I then took the shade “Antique Bronze” and applied it to my outer lid using a small blending brush from Mac (221). Then I used my brush, a Teddy Bear hair brush (from the set, brush “contour”) from Too Faced to add “Cyprus Ember” on the outer corner of my eye. I love this brush because it’s really sharp and makes the application process much smoother. Once finished with all of that, I moved onto using my favorite blending brush from Kiko (200) to blend all the product on the outer corner of my eye together and achieve a softer look. Following that step, I took out my highlighter “Trophy Wife” from Fenty Beauty and applied it firmly to the middle of my lid using my Mac “221” brush. I then used the highlighter “Fire Crystal”, which is also from Fenty Beauty to highlight my brow bone. I then put a tiny bit of “Trophy Wife” all over my lid to complete the look and then moved onto the final and most important step of the entire makeup, MASCARA! As a base, I applied the mascara “Diorshow”, from Dior. I always make sure to apply more on the outer corner of the eyes to make my eyes look bigger, and always brush off everything off with a spoolie brush to again, make them look more natural and less spider-leg-like! Once I’ve finished with my eyes and brows I applied my concealer “Maracuja Creaseless Concealer” from Taste in the shade “Light Sand”. I used it on my under eyes to remove any redness or imperfections and then finally used my Beauty Blender to blend it all in! After this step, I set my face with my loose setting powder from Laura Mercier using the “130 Wavy” brush from Make up forever. To complete the look I added “Fire Crystal” to my cheekbones with my highlight brush “120” from Fenty Beauty. I then used the lightest contour shade from the “Powder Contour & Highlight Kit” from KKW Beauty in shade “Light” and applied it with the brush that came with it! Now for the lips I lined and filled them with “Ladyflower” from Urban Decay for make the lipstick easier to apply and for it to last a lot longer. I then used the same matte lipstick which I wore on the opening day of Coachella, called “Rosewood” from Anastasia Beverly Hills. And last but not least, I apply my setting spray “All Nighter” from Urban Decay.
That’s it, guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know if you use similar products to me or if you’d be interested in buying any of the ones I mentioned! I wish you guys a very good day or afternoon!
LOVE – as always,
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