Hey guys, how are you all doing today? Feeling okay? Enjoying October as much as I am? I think not…
If you didn’t already know this, October is BY FAR my absolute favorite month. The reasons for this are honestly endless but I managed to put together a little list to give you all a bit of the idea:
  • Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice Lattes hence October becomes the season of drinking heaven
  • Next up, its no longer weird to watch Horror Movies every minute of every hour of every day
  • You can wear cozy Sweaters all the time as sweater weather is all you see
  • It that time of year when you can (re)watch (for the 100th time) your favorite season of American Horror Story and not sound like an addict
  • Its the perfect temperature to wear Fuzzy Socks at night
  • DUH : Its Halloween time
  • This year, October is also especially cool as Stranger Things Season 2 is coming out
  • Also, the arrival of October means that we are one step closer to my 17th Birthday & Christmas
  • Everything becomes Spooky which is super cool
  • You get to Dress Up as anything you want and Scare Anyone you please on the 30th
  • You can eat loads and loads and loads of Candy and just sound festive
  • etc. etc. etc. (Trust me the list goes on!)
Anyways back to me celebrating October, I’ve decided to do you all the favor of helping you out this month by offering you some outfit ideas! So, I created four different options which include makeup and nail looks and added a little spooky touch to all of them to keep it festive! All four outfits are super easy to wear and range in price to make them compatible for everyone: some outfits include clothing from stores such as Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters… and others from places like Dior and Saint Laurent!
As per usual, if you’re interested in an item just click on the link under the look and it’ll bring you directly to where you can buy it!
Without further ado, here are my four Halloween inspired casual October looks:

Outfit N1: Cute Goth in Fall Leaf Colors
I love this look as its very feminine yet quite discrete… Be sure to add a think pair of tights if you are thinking of wearing this in cold weather!

Untitled design-3


Lipstick – Dior

Eyeshadow – Dior

Necklace – Urban Outfitters

Earring – Urban Outfitters

Top – Saint Laurent

Skirt – Urban Outfitters

Cardigan – Urban Outfitters

Bag – Chanel

Slippers – Gucci

Outfit N2: School Kid in Saint Laurent 
This look is just overall super cool and trendy. The bomber adds a rough touch which compliments the delicacy of the Dior shoes! Don’t forget the pink-red lip to ensure a bit of colour!

Untitled design-3 copy 4



Lipstick – Lime Crime

Eyeshadow – Dior

Necklace – Urban Outfitters

Bodysuit – Brandy Melville

Jean – Urban Outfitters

Bomber – Saint Laurent

Backpack – Saint Laurent

Slippers – Dior

Outfit N3: Red roses and Horror Films
Probably my favorite look of all the four, this one is a perfect balance between red and black. The white top adds brightness and the metallic Dior nail polish adds extra class!

Untitled design-3 copy 3

Lipstick – Lime Crime

Nails – Dior

Top – Brandy Melville

Jean – Urban Outfitters

Jacket – Chanel

Bag – Saint Laurent

Booties – Chanel

Outfit N4: Bohemian Cream Latte
I love this one as it is centered around a fantastic dress which, when paired with the right pair of boots and bag, will rock any audience! Be sure to remember the emerald green nail polish, it will definitely add a touch of elegance and uniqueness!

Untitled design-3 copy

Eyeshadow – Chanel

Nails – Dior

Dress – Dior

Bag – Dior

Booties – Dior


That’s all for today! Don’t forget to tell me in the comments below which one of the four looks was your favorite! Also, DM me pictures of you wearing these outfits on my Instagram for a special shoutout!
LOVE (as always),
Tiffany Lea

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