When packing for a nice weekend getaway, you must always, always take the weather forecast into consideration. Whether you are going to a place that is “always hot” or not, you need to be prepared for what’s ahead of you. Therefore my first tip is to check the weather forecast using either your phone or a computer. Try as much as possible to use local sites to encourage the accuracy of your results.
Now that you know what weather you will be expected while you are away, you can start packing!
Commence with finding a small suitcase. You need something that is a) easy to roll or carry and b) is not too heavy. As you are (theoretically) only going for a weekend, you seriously don’t need anything big.
In this suitcase, you will be packing a variety of items. From toiletries to sneakers, there’s gonna be a lot. But again, make it reliant on the weather you are expecting….
Here’s a list of some pieces I never leave my house without when going away for the weekend:
  •  First off, if the weather is looking nice and you know you will be near a body of water (whether it be a pool or lake etc.), you should definitely pack a swimsuit. As we are now in summer, you seriously cannot forget this!
  •  Next up: heels! Personally, wherever I go and whatever I’m doing, I always like to pack a good pair of heels. You never know when you will need to look chicer and fancier than normal so it’s good to have something ready! Pick a shoe that you can walk in but that you also find really flattering: comfort is key!
  •  To continue, something else you should be packing is a pair of flats. If you are headed to the beach, I would recommend espadrilles as they NEVER fail to let me down. Again, you can wear them to the beach, but also in the city, desert etc. My favorite pair of espadrilles is Chanel but you can totally get gorgeous espadrilles for much less at Zara or H&M!
  •  If you are headed somewhere colder, you should also pack flats but maybe flat boots or sneakers instead! Just make sure you have something comfy – you don’t want to be in pain while walking around a new city!
  •  Now moving onto clothes, do not go on holiday without denim. It’s a crime. If you are expecting hot weather, take denim shorts, if not, take denim jeans… Just make sure you have denim! I know I need it. You know you need it. Problem solved, just bring it with.
  •  Next up, a jacket. If you are headed to lower temperatures you will need much more that a little hoodie but trust me, even if you are going to the Caribbean, you will need a small jacket as you never know, it might get cold. For hotter weather, I suggest you pack a light denim or leather jacket as they can both add style and warmth to a hot summery look.
  •  To continue, you definitely should not forget to pack a lot of tops. Ranging from a cute crop top for your morning run to a nice blouse to throw over your swimsuit after jumping in the pool… You will need a lot of tops. Remember that this part of packing is where you can truly show off your creativity. Alright, sure, pack a couple of basic tees but also try to spice up your suitcase with a patterned shirt etc. Don’t worry about adding too much color or being too “out there”… Just go for it and have fun!
  •  Now onto dresses! Again, like I said before with the heels, I always pack a fancier outfit just incase I end up going out for a nice meal or meet Prince Charming haha… So yeah, pack a cute dress or two. Maybe one casual and one slightly more sophisticated!
  •  Moving on to bags, whenever I go on holiday, I always make sure that I pack at least one backpack for walking around and sight seeing and one small classy purse for evenings and nice events!
  •  Finally, the last group of items that I never go on trips without is accessories! Broad I know, but still, very necessary. The essentials are my sunglasses, makeup products, phone chargers etc.
Amongst all these things, please don’t forget the essentials that are so necessary that they don’t even need mentioning. For example underwear, socks, toothbrush etc.
Happy packing! 
Tiffany Lea
Hope you enjoy packing as much as I do! Comment where you are next traveling to and any packing tips you have!

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