Quite a while ago my brother sat me down to discuss the places to which we want to travel to this summer! He told me about all of his already-decided plans, including his graduation trip to Greece! And, considering Greece has been on my traveling wish-list for what seems like forever, I asked him if I could go with! He responded by saying that he would be with all his friends but that I could come with as we don’t see each other enough! So, fast-forward a couple of months, and there I was, waking up super early to catch a 6:15 fight with my brother and his friends! After taking a flight to Mykonos and a three-hour ferry, we finally arrived on the magical, beautiful and utterly compelling island of Ios which is situated in the Aegean Sea!
Although the majority of my brother’s classmates were staying at hotels, my brother, his girlfriend and his closest friends rented a house instead! It was practically a gigantic villa that stood on a hill with a beautiful overflowing swimming pool, amazing right? The trip lasted six days and was incredibly fun! From eating gyros at fancy restaurants to taking Harry Potter shots, we had a great time!
During the day I simply stayed at the pool and tanned until my skin went brown! Other than that, I cooked meals for the five other people staying in the house and played board games! A couple of us also went diving one day and for some reason, we also decided to buy a 3kg pot of Nutella which we surprisingly almost finished! By the way, you would already know this if you followed me on Snapchat @tiffanyzimmy!!

Considering the island of Ios was extremely hot, my fashion looks were very casual and minimalistic while I stayed there! When I wasn’t in a swimsuit, I was almost definitely wearing jean shorts, Adidas sneakers and a basic Tee.

On the last day of our trip, the owners of the villa gave us a very kind, Greek goodbye by preparing a warm meal for us which was, as you can imagine, delicious! They made pasta lasagna and a fresh Greek salad! Although I have mentioned to you a couple of times that I am in fact a vegetarian, I do eat meat on the rare event… After the amazing meal, we took a 40-minute ferry to Santorini and then flew back to my hometown, Geneva!
Overall, Greece was fantastic and I loved staying there! It lived up to and exceeded all my expectations and was truly welcoming to foreigners like myself! Although I wish we would have spent more time in Mykonos, Ios was still so much fun!
Stay tuned and check my website frequently for upcoming posts – there should be one about the best restaurants in Ios very, very soon!
Tiffany Lea
Let me know down in the comments section below if you have ever been to Greece? If so, what is your favorite island? If not, when are you planning on going?!
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