If you are a regular ZimmyLifestyle reader, you should know by now that I’m simply obsessed with amusement parks. What you don’t know is that I have been wanting to visit Japan for what feels like forever… Located 9,671 km away from my hometown Geneva, it’s a beautiful island in East Asia. When combining these two things together: Japan for the first time with theme parks for the hundredth time, the outcome can only be positive, well, I mean insanely cool.
So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? My dad, a friend and I left Geneva at around 8 am to embark on our flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Once in Frankfurt we relaxed and waited around in the business lounge for about an hour until our fight to Osaka, Japan! Once on the plane, my excitement immediately started to kick in, I couldn’t stop thinking about the amazing 13 days I was about to endure… After about 10 hours of flying, we finally landed safely in Osaka. From the second I got off the plane, I could already see a Ferris wheel, a couple fishing boats and a huge bridge in the distance!!
After collecting our luggage, we took a taxi straight to the hotel where we changed and went directly to the Universal Studios Park which was luckily a mere five-minute walk away!
As you probably know already, I’ve been to the Universal Studios park in Hollywood about a thousand times and once to the one in Florida (which is my favourite as it’s the biggest), but who would have ever guessed that I would have the opportunity to go to the Osaka one?! Walking along with my friend, we calculated that this meant I was going to have seen three out of the six Universal Studios in the world! Asking myself if it was going to be any different, we arrived at the theme park and bought three ‘express’ ticket entries (which were super complicated to get a hold of). Considering it was only 8:30 am, we decide to commence our experience with some breakfast.
Once our stomachs were full, we we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter section of the park where we did the “Forbidden Journey of Harry Potter” ride and the “Flight of the Hippogriff” ride. Although I have already done both of those rides before in the other two parks I’ve been to, it was still fun to do!
After that, I bought a cute “butterbeer” pen and then wandered around the park for a bit until my friend and I got hungry again and decided to buy more food. Before our sushi lunch with a panoramic view of the park, we quickly went to the “Jaws” attraction which wasn’t the best but still gave us a good laugh!!
Succeeding this, we strolled over to the “Jurassic Park” section, where my friend and I did the “Jurassic Ride” that never fails to entertain me! The ride consists of being on an intricately designed boat and going down a huge drop, resulting in you and everyone around you being splashed! Although beforehand my friend had tried to convince me to buy ponchos to avoid getting wet, I insisted that we do the ride without to ensure we got the full experience. Little did I know, we would be soaking wet afterwards as we stupidly decided to sit front row… Luckily the weather was getting hotter so our clothes were able to dry fairly quickly.
Next up on our list of rides to do was the “Flying Dinosaur”, and bearing in mind I am never scared of roller coasters, I thought I would be fine. Little did I foresee it to be the scariest ride I have ever, ever done. Unlike normal rides where you are either seated or standing, in the “Flying Dinosaur”, you are laid down on your stomach… At first, I thought this was cool, different, but no… I was wrong. Especially when the staff guided by friend and I to the first row… Once the ride was over, I was shook of course but taking into account that the overall ride was super fun, we did it again!!
Following this, my friend and I walked over to the “Minions” ride, taking photos along the way. The Minion attraction was a 4D animation that moved and looked funnily realistic! Even with the express ticket, the queue was longer than others as this one was undoubtedly a family attraction, hence attracting a bigger variety of people. Once the ride was over we realised that we were getting quite tired so we chose to make the “Spider-Man” attraction our last ride of the day. Lucky for us, it was right next to the minion attraction as it was also 4D animation. Unlike the minion ride, we were actually on a ride, moving in this one!!
On our way out of the park, I ran into Shrek so evidently took a couple pictures with him before strolling back to our hotel to get a good night’s rest! Looking back at it now, I truly enjoyed myself today, Japan you have been very welcoming so far!!
Tiffany Lea 



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