“The Edge of Seventeen” is such a superb and brilliant refreshing teen drama and a dramatic comedy! I think it’s an absolute must-see for all of the family, it will make you laugh, cry and give you plenty of emotions! 
I loved pretty much everything about this movie, the cast, how it was directed… I enjoyed the fact that the movie started with a cliffhanger: Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) announces her intention to kill herself to her teacher (Woody Harrelson). We then get a flashback of her whole life being a lonely person with only one friend “Krista” (Haley Lu Richardson). 
Later on, in the movie when her only friend starts dating her brother and starts hanging out with the other popular kids, it’s the end of the world for Nadine. 
I can’t say I necessarily relate to all of Nadine’s problems but I definitely relate to the one of being different from everyone else. 
The Edge of Seventeen also got a 95% score on “Rotten Tomatoes”! I love that movie because it’s so different from your typical teen drama, the casts fit their characters perfectly and I think it’s one of the rare movies that can actually get teens right! 
I But I still can’t believe that Hans Zimmer did the score for this film… It was overall a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone, I would give it a 4.2/5. 


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Love-as always,
Tiffany Lea

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