Whether you are living in the fog of London or in the cold of New York, everyone, everywhere experiences days with bad weather. Most specifically, days when the sky decides to cry onto all us, leaving us wet and very cold. These monstrosities are more commonly known as rainy days. For some, these days are the most boring thing ever as they seriously limit your choice of activities to do… Which brings us to why I’m here: to give you all ideas and inspiration of indoor and outdoor activities you can do on rainy days! Enjoy!

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES (make sure you buy an umbrella before-hand):

  • visit a museum 
  • have tea with friends 
  • visit art galleries
  • workout at the gym
  • watch a movie at the cinema
  • drink warm drinks at Starbucks
  • go shopping
  • go to a friend’s house 
  • eat out for lunch
  • get your nails done 
  • watch a play at the theatre 
  • dance in the rain 

INDOOR ACTIVITIES (make sure to put on your coziest pajamas before doing these):

  • watch a movie in bed 
  • read a book 
  • re-organize your room
  • do some online shopping 
  • call your friends
  • plan a date with your girlfriends
  • binge-watch a series on Netflix
  • have a bubble bath 
  • bake some chocolate-chip cookies 
  • put on some face/hair masks 
  • try out a new makeup look
  • plan a vacation in a sunny destination 
  • make smoothies

Love as Always, Tiffany Lea

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