0. Well, obviously your phone is an essential which you will always have with you, therefore I don’t really need to count it in my list. But either way, make sure it’s in your bag this winter.

  1. Earphones – Whether you are studying at your local Starbucks or in a cab, earphones are a daily essential to always bring with you. Who knows when you will need to listen to music to block out the sounds of a big city? Or to distract yourself from the freezing cold..?
  2. Money/Credit Cards & Room Key – If you are a traveler like me, bringing your room key with you is very important and as it can be easily forgotten. If you aren’t a traveler, just don’t forget to bring your keys… And your money because who knows when you will need to buy a hot drink to keep you warm.
  3. Hand Cream – Keeping your hands moisturized is very important, especially in the Winter. Therefore I never leave my hotel/house without it!
  4. Lipstick / Lip Balm – Do I really need to argue this one? It’s a must.
  5. Kleenex – If you aren’t sick, someone around you will be. So my advice is to always be prepared for anything.
  6. Hair tie – Having at least one hair tie on you is the minimum. Trust me you will need it at some point. Whether if it’s to make your hair look nicer or to get it out of your face, it’s an essential and you will need it.
  7. Blush – I am probably the palest person I know, and blush really is an essential in my makeup routine. Even if you aren’t pale, blush really wakes up your face. Hence I always carry it around in my bag.

I hope these purse essentials can be useful for you just like they are for me. Good luck this winter and stay warm!

Love, Tiffany Lea

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Hi, my name is Tiffany Lea. I'm a globetrotter and blogger. I posted every 2 to 3 days about everything ranging from events to travel to movies & tv shows to fashion...! Join me on all my adventures around the world! Instagram: @tiffanyzimmy



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