As we are now January 2, I’ve been thinking about what 2017 might hold – and what I go to could improve in my life. With last year still ringing in our ears, it’s the crucial question everyone’s asking themselves: “What will my New Years resolutions be this year?”. Well guys, turns out I did some research! Polls show that most people struggle with the same lack of focus or internal drive, and they look to improve their health habits and stop procrastinating. Also, many mention seeking happiness or finding a better balance, with themselves at the center. Better sleep habits, diets, workouts, organic products – People want to better everything at once! And when a few of them fall through after some months go by, they blame themselves and question their ability to change. It’s a shame – they should instead enjoy the things they did accomplish and acknowledge them as proof that change is possible. So as I was thinking about this, I started remembering the aspects of my life that I did manage to change in the last year.

Well, first of all, I started my blog! It’s definitely what makes me most happy. This is something I had been meaning to do long ago but had never had the resources to before. I dedicate hours every day for all my posts, but I enjoy every second of it and love all the mails I receive! I also adopted better skin care and nutrition habits. I now read about 2-3 books a month, which is also something I had always wanted to do more of. I started Harry Potter all over again in June! All of that to say that you can definitely change the aspects of your life that you care to invest in, and common belief that people don’t change is biased by people that only focus on their failures. But it doesn’t have to be like that – in fact I’m sure that if you take a look back at the previous year, there are many things about you life that make you proud or happy. I like to keep these in head most of the time, and look forward to future improvements that I trust myself to make. I think more people should think that way.

So of course you should definitely set goals for the next year, and that’s what I’m finally getting to! I thought a lot about what activities I’ll invest more time in next year and how I want to improve myself. First, I want to go to the gym a lot more ! Because as I travelled a lot this year, I have been very occupied everytime I was in Geneva and haven’t got time to  go more than once a week do fitness.  I also want to start learning the guitar again. My sister came to Geneva from Nashville and spend a week at home with me –  she taught me a lot! I’ve also signed up for acting lessons, which I now realize how much I’ve missed since high school. Finally, I want to start learning about movie editing! I’m super interested in movies and would love to know more about how to make quality ones.

That’s it guys! Those were my thoughts these last couple of days, and I wanted to share them with all of you! Feel free to email me your thought about this – I’d love to hear your all your stories and new year’s resolutions!

With love – as always

Tiffany Lea

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