As Christmas just ended, it means New Year’s coming up! So be prepared, make new resolutions, new goals and do more of what makes you happy! New Year’s is a big night, the last day to a year full of emotions, and it’s finally time to turn the page and be looking for new things. For that, you will need a beautiful outfit; I choose a couple of dress with loads of different style that you can choose from! Spend a great night in your lovely outfit!

Love, Tiffany Lea



 1- Jimmy Choo’s MABEL 95

2- Oscar de la Renta

3- Jovani

4- Gucci

5- Needle & Thread

6- Jimmy Choo’s STORM 100

7- Armani Collezioni

8- Diane von Furstenberg

9- Jimmy Choo’s ROMY 100

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